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FIBA and the Uruguay Basketball Federation launch FIBA PLUS Strategy and Planning Program

MONTEVIDEO (Uruguay) - FIBA and the Uruguay Basketball Federation (FUBB) are happy to announce the launch of the FIBA PLUS Strategy and Planning Program. The program, delivered by FIBA, is designed to assist National Federations in the development of basketball in their countries by helping them develop a sustainable strategic focus.

As part of the 2019-2023 FIBA strategy to "Empower National Federations" to reach their full potential,  the FIBA PLUS Strategy and Planning Program has been set in motion for the federation. The program will help the FUBB improve its capacity to organize, professionalize and commercialize its basketball activities.

The process consists of FIBA first holding talks with the FUBB, and external stakeholders, to help the federation complete a situation analysis. This in turn will provide information for the Uruguay Basketball Federation Board Members as they develop a strategy. The FIBA PLUS program will set performance baselines and benchmarks so the federation can measure its progress throughout the length of the program.

As the FUBB defines goals, develops SMART objectives and details action plans for the next 18 to 24 months, FIBA will offer mentoring, workshops and tailored assistance. The FUBB strategy will be re-evaluated on a regular basis.

The Uruguayan national team at the recent FIBA Continental Cup Qualifiers in Colombia

FIBA Americas President, Carol Callan said: "With one of the main focus areas of FIBA for the cycle of 2019-2023 the development of National Federations, we are confident that the FIBA PLUS Strategy and Planning program will provide the Uruguay Basketball Federation with a high level of expertise, knowledge and practical guidance on each step of their strategic planning process."

A monitoring process will also be used to re-evaluate the strategy regularly to ensure it's still right for the needs of the federation. All workshop sessions will be conducted via videoconference.

Ricardo Vairo,
President of the Uruguay Basketball Federation

Uruguay Basketball Federation President Ricardo Vairo said: "It's a real honor to the FUBB to be part of this unique program that has as its main goal to 'empower' each National Federation to develop basketball and reach its full potential. We are part of the FIBA family and FIBA sets examples for us to professionalize our federation across each area of the game. This program will be a fundamental tool for the consolidation of the work done by the FUBB and we are very grateful to FIBA. We feel extremely proud to be part of this joint venture."