Are there any special requirements to become FIBA licensed?

Any individual in good standing may qualify and must submit an application form with a copy of the passport and a criminal background check.

Does FIBA require that the application and related original documents are sent by post?

The application file must be uploaded on the online registration (portal available when a test date is scheduled).

When and where can I take the FIBA Agents’ test?
  1. At the FIBA Headquarters in Mies, Switzerland twice a year in the springtime and autumn time.
  2. In America (most likely Miami, FL) once a year in the autumn/winter time and according to demand.
  3. In Asia/Oceania once a year around in the summertime and according to demand.
Is the test online?

Attending a session is the only option as qualifications depend on a prior interview. Individual contacts, personal relationships and a human approach are values we rely on.

If I am an active NBPA/WNBPA or BAR member do I need to take the test?

Such qualifications entitle to a test-exemption.

How long is the test session?  

All-in all the session lasts half a day while the written test takes approximately 45 min.

What are the fees?

The test fee covering the administrative cost is CHF 250.00 (Swiss Francs). The annual membership fee is CHF 1’000.00 (Swiss Francs).

Is the test provided in Spanish?

The test is in English only.

Can an agency become FIBA licensed?

The FIBA Agent status can only be attributed to individuals though there may be one or more FIBA Agents representatives within one company.

As a player/coach can I qualify for a FIBA Agent’s license?

Playing or coaching activities are not compatible with the FIBA Agent’s status as per Article 3-305.