FIBA Europe's Structre

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FIBA Europe is one of five Regions of FIBA (along with Africa, Americas, Oceania and Asia) and is responsible for controlling and developing the sport of basketball in Europe.

Among many tasks, this includes promoting, supervising and directing international competition at the club and national team levels, as well as governing and appointing European international referees.

FIBA Europe is an international federation whose membership consists of the national basketball federations of Europe, of which there are currently 50 members. The highest decision making body is the Board of FIBA Europe which consists of 25 persons elected by the National Federations.

The Board of FIBA Europe meets twice a year and is the executive body that represents all 50 Federations that make up the membership of FIBA Europe. All 50 federations meet once a year at the General Assembly of FIBA Europe.