Women in Basketball

  • Women in Basketball is a key FIBA Strategic Priority that aims to increase the role of females at all levels of the sport. FIBA began working on this important part of its strategy in 2019, with surveys, analysis and assessment of the current status.

    The six goals developed for this priority act as development focus areas and are underpinned by various initiatives and programs, with FIBA having completed the Women in Basketball Survey in 2020 which provided updates on key activities for Regional Offices and fact sheets detailing specifics for each National Federation, as well as a global snapshot. 

    Goal 1: Increase Female Players' Participation

    Goal 2: Develop and Leverage Female Coaches and Officials

    Goal 3: Maximize the Impact of Women’s Competitions
    in both basketball and 3x3

    Goal 4: Increase the Number of Fans Consuming Women’s Basketball

    Goal 5: Integrate more women at governing levels across the FIBA Family

    Goal 6: Increase Gender Diversity within FIBA

    Across Oceania National Federations support and implement various strategies and programs to support these strategic goals.  FIBA endorsed programs include Her World Her Rules (HWHR), ImaGIRL, and WiLEAD. Information on HWHR and WiLEAD can be found by clicking on the appropriate tabs at the top of this page.

    Basketball Australia coordinate a range of programs via She Hoops.

    Basketball New Zealand coordinate a range of programs via Girls Got Game.

  • Her World, Her Rules (HWHR) campaign is FIBA’s most recognised initiative in women’s basketball. As part of FIBA’s commitment to further develop the game of basketball for women and girls, FIBA has made Women in Basketball a key focus of their strategic priorities for 2019-2023. HWHR is available to all National Federations as part of its support for women’s basketball development. The campaign will aid National Federations as they strive to create awareness and to develop basketball for girls and women in their respective countries. 


    The main goal is to sustainably grow girls’ participation in basketball by recruiting more players at

    school age through various activities. The campaign will:

    ◊ Increase participation of girls in basketball

    ◊ Increase the popularity of girls’ basketball locally and nationally

    ◊ Attract media attention

    ◊ Recognize and promote women role models

    ◊ Celebrate women’s basketball

    ◊ Ensure that basketball is the number one sport among young girls



    The purpose of HWHR is for it to be used as a worldwide campaign designed to unite women and girls across the globe and help define grassroots projects. Targeting schoolgirls, FIBA will offer advice and provide funding for several actions taking place as part of its Women in Basketball pillar. FIBA provides free branding for all National Federations not awarded with the funding. Uniting all development programs under one same name and brand, FIBA aims to amplify the exposure of women basketball, attract more media attention, and, ultimately, increase the participation of girls in basketball.


    ◊ Develop healthy lifestyles through basketball, and sport in general

    ◊ Use role models to disseminate the importance of hard work, discipline, teamwork and fair play

    ◊ Inspire girls to play basketball while continuing their studies (dual-career)

    ◊ Empower girls and tackle problems such as gender inequality and discrimination

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  • The Women in Leadership (WiLEAD) is a bespoke program for female participants, identified and selected by their national federations as future leaders. The focus of the WiLEAD is to provide an opportunity for talented and motivated women within the basketball family to improve their competencies, develop new skills, and empower their confidence. By creating a network of talented and knowledgeable women working across the national federations, the mission of this program is to increase the growth and visibility of the women’s game across Oceania and beyond.

    Leading female speakers from the world of sport, business and politics deliver impactful keynote speeches to the selected participants and share their individual experiences, challenges and pathways to the top of their careers. Each WiLEAD participant has a task to plan and deliver a special project focused on the women in basketball activities in their country that is presented to the WiLEAD Panel.  Two participants are then selected based on their input and performance to receive an internship to another country to learn more about how basketball programs and development opportunities are coordinated. 

    It is envisaged that the nominated women for the program will become the contact persons for FIBA for all projects and activities related to Women in Basketball in the future. Each national federation has the opportunity to nominate one female candidate for the WiLEAD program. All participants must have a good command of written and oral English language to follow the course successfully.







    Sera Vugakoto


    Leah Seru


    Jill Acda


    Sisilia Buitora


    Nicky Francos


    Nefertti David


    Lia Rangamar


    Joana Rabua


    Krystal Ledger-Walker


    Deb Shoniber


    Janine Aringa-Garap


    Leona Cain


    Temiri Hunter


    Jubilee Kuartei




    Karo Lelai




    Delmah Nori




    Lysa Wini




    Mary Aaron


    23/08/2021 - WiLEAD in Oceania

    27/10/2021 - FIBA Launch WiLEAD Internship

    09/11/2021 - WiLEAD featuring Dame Jenny Shipley

    24/05/2022 - WiLEAD Scholarship Winners Announced