What is the role of a statistician?

To be a statistician is an important role in a basketball game. The data you gather will be relevant for all stakeholders: players, coaches, media, television and fans. The role of a statistician is to collect, usually with a statistics collection software, the data to evaluate player's and team's performance.

Why should I become a statistician?

You might work all your way up to the top level and be part of major basketball events such as the Olympic Games or the FIBA Basketball World Cup. No matter which level, you will have the opportunity to follow exciting games from the best seats in the arena.

How can I become a statistician?

If you have never worked as a statistician before you should contact your regional or national basketball federation or a local club directly. You should have a good understanding of the game of basketball, its rules and in particular the FIBA Statisticians Manual

How can I work as a statistician in a FIBA competition?

Only FIBA licensed statisticians are entitled to work as statisticians in official FIBA competitions. Statisticians are usually nominated by the hosting club or national federation. If you are already a FIBA licensed statistician and interested in working in a specific game or competition, you should always contact the hosts of the respective game.

What do I need to do to become a FIBA licensed statistician?

You will need to:
a) have sufficient practical experience from working as a statistician in your country’s highest domestic league (min. two years);
b) have at least basic knowledge of the English language;
c) register through your national federation for a FIBA workshop;
d) complete the FIBA eLearning courses and pass all relevant tests;
e) participate in a FIBA workshop and pass all relevant tests

For how long is a FIBA license valid?

The license is valid for two years and needs to be renewed afterward.

Which stats software is used in FIBA competitions?

The software used in the majority of FIBA competitions is FIBA LiveStats (v7). 

Do I get paid as a statistician?

This will vary between countries and the level of competition. While for grassroots levels statisticians are usually volunteers, in top competitions there is usually a small compensation (the fee is often aligned with the fee for table officials). However, your main motivation should always be the love for the game, not financial interest.