FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate

  • The FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate (FECC) program has established its position as one of the most prestigious coaching programs in European sport, developing coaches who are working with young talent.

    The FECC offers coaches from Europe and around the world the unique opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business. The certificate focuses on the areas which are important in the identification and development of young talent, while offering an opportunity to network with other coaches and complete a program that will increase their basketball knowledge as well as help them to find a job.

    Mentored by Svetislav Pesic, the winning coach of multiple European and World Championship titles, the FECC is built around clinics held during FIBA European Youth Championships.

    Coaches have the opportunity to spend time in the gym watching games while also participate in discussion groups and attend workshops, all under the watchful eye of the FECC Project Group which includes for example Svetislav Pesic, Pablo Laso, Andrea Trinchieri, Pedro Martinez, Gordon Herbert and Marina Maljkovic as well as other external experts in the fields of strength & conditioning; nutrition; officiating; anti-doping; injury prevention; psychology; pedagogics and didactics.

    Run over a period of two years, participants are also given homework and paper assignments to be completed in their own time.


    The Coaches have to be nominated by the National Federations with the help of the national coaching associations. The nominated coaches have to be approved by FIBA Europe.

    There is a limit of app. 60 participants per program. The registration deadline will be announced at the beginning of the year in which the program starts. Each National Federation has the right to register three (3) coaches, ranked by priority. For every Federation, the coach with the highest priority in this ranking has a guaranteed place in the FECC program. After the registration deadline has expired, open places will be given to the remaining coaches on the waiting list by FIBA Europe.

    Participation fee: none
    Additional Costs: travel and accommodation

    Examination Regulations

    In order to receive the FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate each participant has to attend all three annual clinics in full.

    If the attendance at one annual clinic is not possible, the Examination Committee has the possibility to grant the participant the permission to continue the FECC at the same stage with the next group.

    To earn the FECC, the participants have to pass different exams at every stage of the program.

    To find out more about the examination process, please click on the links below:

    FECC Examination Regulations 2021-23 (PDF)

    FECC Examination Regulations 2023-25 (PDF)

    FIBA Basketball Terminology (PDF)

  • Current courses:


    FECC 2021-2023 – 3rd stage and final exams at the FIBA U20 European Championship 2023 in Heraklion, Greece

    New course:

    FECC 2023-2025 – Registrations in January 2023 through the National Federations

    • What is the FECC?

    The FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate program was created in order to enhance the knowledge of European basketball coaches in the area of the development of young talent. This program, focusing mainly on the development of fundamentals, is not aimed at the basic level coaches but at those who already possess a reasonable knowledge in this area.

    • Who can participate in the FECC?

    The FECC is for coaches who work with young players and have already basketball coaching knowledge. You should currently coach young players and you must speak English.

    All participants who have been identified already by their national federations as the most talented coaches for the future.

    • Can I apply for a place on FECC?

    Yes, you can apply to your National Federation. FIBA Europe does not accept direct applications from individual coaches.

    • Can I only participate in one stage?

    No! The course consists of three stages with nine days each and two paper assignments between the stages. It is necessary to attend all clinics in full and to submit the two paper assignments.

    • Do I have to speak good English to take part?

    All participants have to be able to speak and write in English. All clinics, presentations and examinations are conducted in English language.

    • What is the structure of the program?

    The curriculum is built up from individual/ fundamental (first stage) over group tactics (second stage) to team tactics (third stage). The idea is not to teach one way, but to give the participants the chance to see and learn the best practices in Europe presented by some of the best coaches and teachers in Basketball.

    The FECC is organized in conjunction with the FIBA U16, U18 and U20 European Championships Men Division A. The three courses, lasting seven days each (plus two travel days), will be based at the location of those events: first year - EC U16, second year - EC U18 and third year - EC U20 men. At the final clinic, all participants will take their exams and, if successful, will receive the FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate.

    • What is the cost for participants to take part in FECC?

    There is NO PARTICIPATION FEE for the FECC. FIBA Europe covers all tutor fees, resources and other costs related to the course itself. The participants, or their national federations, are responsible only for travel and residential costs.

    • Why should I be interested in the FECC?

    Because all coaches participating in FECC will gain a competent level of knowledge of European youth basketball and gain a reputable coaching qualification that carries a high level of recognition.

    Each coach will receive excellent recommendations and increase their prospects of finding a coaching job in Europe and the rest of the World.

    In addition to that, FECC participants will be able to watch the best of European youth basketball at the games and in practices during three European Championships - U16, U18 and U20 Men. They will also make invaluable international contacts.

  • FECC Mentor: Svetislav Pesic

    Current lecturers: 

    Marina Maljkovic
    Pablo Laso
    Andrea Trinchieri
    Pedro Martinez
    Gordon Herbert
    Igor Kokoskov
    Prof Nenad Trunic
    Janez Drvaric
    Arik Shivek
    Aysim Altay (mental coach)
    Prof Dr Johannes Scherr (nutrition & anti-doping)
    Dr Brian Biagioli (strength & conditioning)