The EUROSTEP project is a proposal that came out from the lessons learned while covering remotely the bubble events during the COVID pandemic.

    The pandemic impacted not only the way sports events had to be organized but also changed the way they had to be covered by the media and the services offered by which fans could follow sports and consume relevant content.

    This new landscape also brought a lot of new opportunities It is expected that, even after the end of the pandemic, remote coverage of events will become a priority and, therefore the need to offer suitable conditions for it.

    Aspects like: venue optimization, live streaming, development of new digital channels, use of new technologies, identifying new engagement platforms and opportunities will be crucial.

    To support the development of all stakeholders accordingly, the EUROSTEP project will have 2 goals:

    Offering existing media officers and media operations specialists of both European national federations and European basketball clubs the opportunity to upskill, by driving their training on the use of new technologies.

    Make use of new technologies to build capacity and new engagement opportunities in European basketball, with youngsters in particular expected to be the earliest adapters and biggest beneficiaries.


    The Eurostep project aims to deliver the following objectives:

    In the Media and Events Operations field:
    • Contribute to the digital transformation of basketball events and remote media operations.
    • Train national federations' and basketball clubs' media operations specialists in the use of new technology and digital innovation.
    • Enable behavioral changes for consumption habits and lifestyles through education, training, and sports activities.
    • Contribute to venue optimization, taking into account the new infrastructure requirements.
    New Engagement Opportunities:
    • Support the purposeful use of digital technologies at basketball federations and clubs.
    • Provide digital resources and tools to basketball entities to improve their daily activities and actions.
    • Assist clubs and national federations in discovering new engagement opportunities using innovative technology.
    • Test ground-breaking practices to prepare learners and youth workers to become true agents of change.

    If every crisis is an opportunity, then the opportunity the pandemic crisis has presented us with is the chance to reshape, according to the digital era, the way sport is presented to fans, the way media professionals cover it, and the way fans engage with sport.

  • Clubs

    Participant Club
    Murvai Szabolcs Atomeromu KSC Szekszard
    Campa Antoine Basket Landes
    Allann Siimann BC Kalev/Cramo
    Nicolò Dalle Molle Beretta Famila Schio
    Barbora Pestalova BK Zabiny Brno
    Thorsten Vogt Brose Bamberg
    Jorge Aguaron Casademont Zaragoza
    Cristina Lazaro Casademont Zaragoza
    Ruben Trigo Casademont Zaragoza
    Kathleen Schuurmans Castors Braine
    Carlota Silveira Clube Uniao Sportiva
    Jurryt van der Sluis Donar Groningen
    Piotr Kaczmarek Gorzow Wielkopolski
    Bas Swaving Groningen
    Alon Joseph Even Hapoel Haifa B.C
    Steven Verhamme House of Talents Spurs
    Lizzy Harrison London Lions
    Pulo Makaula London Lions
    Eytan Assolen Maccabi bnot Ashdod
    Anna Radomska MKS Polkowice
    Noemi Mira Movistar Estudiantes
    German Rubio Sanchez Perfumeria Avenidas
    Cveta Djidjeva Rilski Sportist
    Gergely Kovacs Sopron Basket
    Marti Pueyo Perello Spar Girona
    Gael Brault Tango Bourges
    István Deres UNI Győr
    Alvaro Martinez Cantos Valencia Basket
    Lorenzo Bignami Virtus Bologna
    Paolo Di Domizio Virtus Bologna


    National Federations

    Participant National Federation
    Carlos Alonso Ayala Andorra
    Mark Bogaert  Belgium
    Benoit Denoulet Belgium
    Elena Boychinova Bulgaria
    Zrinka Tomicic Croatia
    Andreas Christofi Cyprus
    Martin Peterka Czech Republic
    Jan Havlas Czech Republic
    Jan Maštálka Czech Republic
    Cathrine Bigum Denmark 
    Eerik Parvits Estonia
    Mika Makela Finland
    Irakli Pertaia Georgia
    Sophia Gialleli Greece
    Anita Bodnar Hungary
    Attila Tóth Hungary
    Shlomo Dahan Israel
    Francesco D'Aniello Italy
    Mindaugas Gobikas Lithuania
    Ben Melcher Luxembourg
    Rene Vlaanderen Netherlands
    Pawel Lakomski Poland
    Guilherme Matos Portugal
    Racu Traian Romania
    Anna Reznitckaia Russia
    Oleg Ushakov Russia
    Michaela Balazova Slovakia
    Juan Dionis Spain
    Ana Sesto  Spain
    Manuel de la Torre Spain
    Benjamin Paillat Switzerland
    Valere Bula Switzerland 
    İbrahim Kalkan Turkey
    Emma Rame Denmark 
    Louie Soderberg Sweden
  • 27.06.23: EuroStep project concludes final workshop during FIBA Women's EuroBasket 2023


    05.12.22: EuroStep project completes first workshop with European National Federations


    20.07.22: First EuroStep workshop marks start of ground-breaking project


    30.05.22: EuroStep project hits the ground running


  • Within the digital transformation EuroStep Project, FIBA is developing a content creation tool that will generate large numbers of basketball content by young users who will post their content to existing social media platforms to generate more interest in the game of basketball.

    "FIBA Basketball Challenges – Beat the Stars"


    1. Connect with a young, digital-first audience

    2. Make basketball more popular

    3. Create digital touchpoints for non-engaged, potential basketball players and fans

    4. Make basketball fun

    5. Use the most significant assets of FIBA – access to basketball superstars

    6. Use technology to connect the Top players in the world with basketball beginners, lovers and novices

    7. Play a part in basketball's digital transformation