Ball’In Schools

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The Ball’In Schools is a program initiated by FIBA Regional Office – Asia to give comprehensive support to the National Federations in integrating and improving basketball in the physical education (PE) curriculum in schools across the country.

 This idea generated from the identification of the following challenges across numerous countries:

1-         Insufficient presence of basketball in schools
2-         Low quality of basketball education in schools
3-         Lack of training of coaches and PE teachers on youth and mini-basketball coaching
4-         Absence of age group competitions and tournaments
5-         Little interest and awareness of youth in “non-basketball” countries in following the    sport and National Teams
6-         Poor or limited access to basketball infrastructure

Thus, Ball’In Schools was developed as an initiative to overcome these challenges in a way that would be locally-led and thus both effective and self-sustainable.

Research has shown that the earlier school children get acquainted with a sport, the longer they are likely to play the game. Consequently, raising basketball awareness in schools would promote the sport by making students more likely to follow games, get other people to play, and make the sport more popular overall in the country.

  • -           To introduce or increase basketball activity in schools
    -           To reach more mini and youth basketball players, including expanding the reach of the sport in rural areas
    -           To introduce high school students to officiating, coaching, volunteering, and other types of involvement in sport
    -           To increase the pool of basketball players nationwide
    -           To raise basketball awareness basketball, educate people around the game and contribute to the promotion of the sport in the country
    -           To provide resources to teachers and schools to empower them to improve their basketball activities and sustain them year-round, while keeping players happy and motivated
    -           To support the National Federations in their development plans

     To achieve the objectives mentioned above, the core concept is based on the empowerment of local ambassadors with a program to push basketball in schools.

  • 1-         A practical training program, led by a FIBA expert, to the ambassadors in which they will learn how to carry out sessions, train PE teachers in the basics of officiating and running competitions, amongst others
    2-         Ambassadors Initiatives to contact schools, carry out training sessions and involve the school in the Ball’In School program
    3-         End-of-Term flagship competition organized by all ambassadors for all schools in the program

    With this program, the aim is to motivate and inspire local basketball players, coaches, and other stakeholders to contribute to basketball development in their countries and raise the standard of the game nationally by making the sport a school-favorite.

  • -            School teachers, physical education teachers, coaches of young teams/academies
    -           4 days visiting NF’s
    -           2 days spent in a classroom setting with coaching expert and ambassadors
    -           2 days spent in local schools with schoolchildren
    -           Follow up festival