Since it was founded in 1932, FIBA has achieved a lot and seen strong development in all areas of basketball. Now the time has come to take the step to the next level in order to see our sport reach new heights.

A consistent strategy with clear objectives and an explicit road map for implementation to achieve these goals has been set out for the period 2019-2023.

The values that represent the core merits of basketball have been defined and, along with a clear vision for our sport, those will now guide FIBA through all its activities.

FIBA's mission has been extended to include the unifying of the community, along with the promotion and development of the sport.

In order to keep track of what FIBA want to achieve, it has identified 8 strategic objectives for 2019-2027 cycle that will guide the entire organization and its National Member Federations over the coming years, as well as three strategic priorities for 2019-2023 which are:

Empower National Federations

Women in Basketball

Enlarge the FIBA Family

  • Our Mission

    • To make basketball more popular, we develop and promote the game
    • To create one basketball community, we bring people together and unite the community

    Our Vision

    • With a perspective on basketball, we intend to be one community
    • In comparison with other sports, we want basketball to be the most popular sports community

    Our Values

    Basketball and FIBA are united through common values

    • SMART - Skillful, well structured, precise and transparent
    • PROGRESSIVE - Dynamic, pro-active and driving change
    • OPEN - To everybody everywhere, prestigious and credible
    • RESPONSIBLE - Fair-play, ethical and socially responsible
    • TOGETHER - Strong individuals cooperating as a strong team


  • Strategic Priorities for 2019-2023

    Empower National Federations 

    • Build professional capabilities
    • Design grassroots programs
    • Encourage NF participation in international competitions
    • Enable NFs to organize FIBA competitions
    • Improve equipment and advise on new infrastructure
    • Increase the number of NFs in top groups

    Women in Basketball 

    • Implement new competition system for women in both disciplines
    • Develop and leverage elite competitors and coaches
    • Develop future female basketball administrators
    • Increase gender diversity in FIBA and National Federations
    • Increase number of female fans

    Enlarge FIBA Family 

    • Increase the number of licensed participants in both disciplines
    • Include more stakeholders (clubs, leagues, promoters, etc.)
    • Endorse and encourage innovation in basketball
    • Align strategic plans with other actors in basketball
    • Optimize procedures and coordination during the second cycle of the new governance
  • Download the FIBA Mid-Term Activity Report 2019-2021 here.