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Australian Senator Zed Seselja visits Fiji

NADI (Fiji) - Australian Minister for International Development and Pacific, Senator Zed Seselja met with officials of Basketball Fiji in his visit to the country to strengthen the relationship of the Australia High Commission with the federation. 

The Australian senator visited the Caaf Compound outdoor basketball court in Nadi,  took part in a 3x3 game organized by the High Commission and Basketball Fiji.

"We have a great relationship with the  Australia High Commission and Commissioner John Feakes and his office had reached out to our President Ioane Naivalurua for a 3x3 game. The timing could not come at a better time as the event was the first for Fiji coming off 4 or so months in lockdown due to COVID19 pandemic," BF Chief Operating Officer, Laisiasa Puamau.

Seselja's visit celebrates the reopening of the international borders between Australia and Fiji since the pandemic started, which highlighted the confidence of Australia in Fiji's response to COVID-19.

"It was a great event, the games were a hit and everyone involved enjoyed the game. We are happy to see Mr. Seselja take part and play with local Fijians. We plan to reach more places and communities with our programs and continue to explore different ways to promote the game," shared Puamau.

"We wanted to show the resiliency of our people that despite the pandemic we find ways to solve our problems and are hopeful that we can now make a full recovery and be back at full force in delivering our programs" he added.

The Basketball Fiji contingent was spearheaded by its President, Ioane Naivalura, who discussed with the commission future plans of the partnership moving forward. Puamau, traveled with National Basketball Development Officer, William Peter to Nadi to attend the event.

"We are grateful for the support of the Australian government through the Team-Up program and we are committed to doing our best to make sure the partnership is a success for all parties involved. With our Basketball  For Good programs, we are always hoping to make a positive impact in our communities," shared Puamau.

"We traveled all the way from Suva to commemorate this event. We are very happy to strengthen our relationship with Australia and I believe the game showed that Fiji is ready to reopen to the world," he added.

The Basketball For Good Program is supported by the Australian government's Team Up Program in partnership with FIBA's Foundation.