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Hans-Joachim Otto (Germany)
Born on May 16, 1928, in Chemnitz, Germany.
Passed away on July 06, 2011, at the age of 83.
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Enshrined as a contributor in the FIBA Hall of Fame on September 12, 2010.


  • Practiced hockey and handball until the end of Secondary School in 1944
  • Diploma in Social Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Contributes to setting up the East German Anti-Fascist Youth Movement in 1945, immediately after the end of World War II
  • Gets involved on a full-time basis in the East German Anti-Fascist Youth Movement as of 1950
  • Head of the Sports Division of the Free German Youth, in East Germany: 1953-1959
  • Works closely with the newly formed sports organisation of the German Democratic Republic in view of a greater involvement of youth in sports
  • Sets up and organises youth team cup competitions in collaboration with the basketball and volleyball sections
  • Elected President of the Basketball Section of the German Democratic Republic's Sports Committee in 1955
  • President of the East German Basketball Federation (DBV): 1958-1969
  • Under his leadership in the mid-60s the Women's National Team of the German Democratic Republic reaches significant success: Bronze medal in the 1966 European Championship in Romania, 4th place in the 1967 World Championship in Prague and 4th place in the 1968 European Championship in Italy
  • Treasurer and Member of the FIBA Central Board: 1960-1984
  • Vice President of the DBV and instrumental figure in the integration of the DBV into the West German Basketball Federation (DBB): 1969-1989

Distinctions & Recognitions

  • Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn Medal
  • Order of Merit for the Fatherland in Bronze
  • FIBA Order of Merit in 1994