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MOLTEN, one of the world's leading manufacturers of competition quality sports balls, has been a global sponsor of FIBA for over three decades. Since 1982, Molten's top quality leather basketball has served as the official game ball for all FIBA World Championships and Olympic Games.

With an uncompromised commitment to quality as promised in their brand statement, "For the real game," Molten is dedicated to being at the forefront of technological innovation with the goal of providing the highest quality products to the wide-ranging sports community. Molten is constantly increasing its efforts to make valuable contributions to all levels of competition, from elite athletes to entry level players throughout the world. Molten has also broadened its product development efforts with the introduction of unique custom designed balls to increase awareness and exposure of high profile events, such as the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup held in Spain, as well as the creation of innovative basketball specific whistles, such as the BLAZZA® and Dolfin-B whistles.

Founded in 1958 with headquarters in Hiroshima, Japan, the Molten Corporation employs 4000 employees in 7 countries and has a worldwide distributor network encompassing over 80 countries. Through wide-reaching grassroots partnerships and marketing activities, Molten serves as the official ball of numerous leagues, federations, teams, tournaments, and competitions across the globe and is committed to supporting the growth of the sport worldwide.

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