8 Kevin Barkley Ebona (PHI), 17 Rhon Jhay Abarrientos (PHI), 13 Rhayyan Amsali (PHI)
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The top 10 FIBA 3x3 games of 2019

MIES (Switzerland) - There were too many crazy games during this insanely great 3x3 season.

But we've challenged ourselves with the impossible task of picking out the very best of the lot. Here are the top 10 games of 2019.

Philippines vs Iran (Asia Cup men)

Philippines were considered no chance of beating powerhouse Iran in the qualifying draw. They were missing their star player Ricci Rivero due to injury and were down a sub against Iran.

It got even worse when RJ Abarrientos got injured midway through the game but the 19-year-old continued on one leg and produced a performance for the ages.
He was hotter than a bunsen burner and hit 7 two-pieces to unbelievably score 18 of his team's 21 points.

Abarrientos saved the best for last when he hit a wild Tissot buzzer beater to seal one of the biggest upsets in 3x3 history.

This will forever be known as the Abarrientos Miracle.


Australia vs China (World Cup - women)

No.1 ranked China held the edge for most of the semi-final until Australia predictably fought back thanks largely to the clutch play of Bec Cole. The final, frantic moments contained some of the most jaw-dropping defensive plays you'll ever see but that was just the entrée.

In overtime, ZhiTing Zhang went from villain to hero in seconds and China finally beat Australia en route to the title. 


Argentina vs Ukraine (U18 World Cup - men)

When Illia Zaiets sank two free throws, Ukraine were just one point away from reaching the semi-finals. They then missed two chances to win the game but it didn't seem to matter as the seconds ticked away until Tomas Chapero was fouled with just 0.2 second left.

Colder than Messi at the penalty, Chapero calmly sank both free throws in one of the most clutch moments of 2019.


Riga Ghetto vs Edmonton (Chengdu Masters)

This game was so good it needed overtime to split the two teams. The emotionally-charged teams were giving it their all but they couldn't be split in regulation after Karlis Lasmanis and Nauris Miezis could not put on their capes as they missed buzzer beaters.

Kyle Landry scored first in the extra period but Miezis this time called game with a bomb from downtown to trigger scenes of jubilation for Riga Ghetto.


Hungary vs Spain (World Cup – women)

There was not one but two Tissot buzzer beaters in a quarter-final for the ages.

A cold-blooded Sandra Ygueravide gave favorites Spain a pulse to send the game to overtime but this game was just heating up.

After Aitana Cuevas missed the bunny, Dora Medgyessy became a Hungarian hero when she nailed the game-winner.


NY Harlem vs Nantes (Lausanne Masters)

NY Harlem appeared to be heading for a quarter-final exit when they trailed by four with less than a minute left.

Nantes appeared set to deliver a major upset when Florian Fortas could have sealed the deal at the foul line with 5 seconds left but he missed them both. 

Dominique Jones then tapped into his bag of tricks to produce one of the most incredible Tissot buzzer beaters imaginable to send the game into overtime, where Kidani Brutus called game from downtown.

A confident NY Harlem could not be stopped as they eventually won the title to complete a drought-breaking Masters triumph.


Riga Ghetto vs Liman (Debrecen Masters final)

Liman's victory over Riga Ghetto in the Debrecen Masters final might be the grittiest of the season. The Serbs played without a sub after star Stefan Kojic missed due to an injury suffered in the semi-final.

Playing with passion and purpose, Liman overcame their rivals to produce a thrilling 21-18 victory with Maksim Kovacevic proving the hero with a game-high 12 points, including 5 two-pieces.


Mongolia v Germany (U23 World Cup women)

This is another epic game that required overtime and, you guessed it, someone stepping up to do something miraculous with the game on the line. Mongolia star Minjin Ganbat was deadlier than the Joker with a miraculous Tissot buzzer beater to sink a gallant Germany.


France vs Russia (WS Ekaterinburg final)

To win the title, France needed two buzzer beaters from their star player Migna Touré in the final against Russia.

Down two with the clock running down, Touré took a deep two-piece over the towering Anastasia Logunova to send the game into overtime.

She went one better when she crossed her opponent and scored the running lay-up for the win.


France vs Spain (Europe Cup final Women)

Toure proved she is the baddest 3x3 player with another clutch performance on the big stage. In overtime against Spain, she finished the game off the only way she knows how – with a Tissot buzzer beater.