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Konstantinos Dimou (Greece)
Born on December 26, 1936, in Arta, Greece.
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Enshrined as a technical official in the FIBA Hall of Fame on September 12, 2010.


  • He is an economist and worked as Assistant General Manager at the Commercial Bank of Greece until 1994
  • Called hundreds of international games from 1961 to 1981
  • Refereed in 2 Olympic Games: 1972 Munich and 1980 Moscow
  • Called the Moscow 1980 Olympic Games Women's Final (USSR vs. Bulgaria)
  • Refereed the Final of the 1967 World Championship in Montevideo (Yugoslavia vs. USSR)
  • Called in 6 European Championships for Men: Moscow 1965, Helsinki 1967 (including the Final, Czechoslovakia vs. USSR), Naples 1969, Essen 1971 (including the Final, USSR vs. Yugoslavia), Belgrade 1975 and Prague 1981 (including the Final, USSR vs. Yugoslavia)
  • Refereed in 4 European Championships for Women: Messina 1968, Rotterdam1970, Varna 1972 and Italy 1981 (including the Final, USSR vs. Poland)
  • Called the 1973 Final of the European Cup for Men's Champion Clubs (current Euroleague) in Liège, Belgium (Varese vs. TSKA Moscow)
  • Refereed 4 Finals of the European Cup Winner's Cup: Tel Aviv 1967, Vienna 1969, Leningrad 1971 and Thessaloniki 1972
  • Called 3 Finals of the Intercontinental Cup: Rome 1967, Varese 1970 and Cantù 1975
  • Refereed the 1979 World Championship for Junior Men in Brazil
  • Called the 1966 European Championship for Junior Men in Porto San Giorgio, Italy
  • FIBA Technical Commissioner: 1982-2000
  • Member of FIBA's Technical Commission for Women: 1983-1995
  • President of the Greek Association of Basketball Referees: 1983-2003
  • FIBA Technical Commissioner at the European Championships for Women of Spain 1987, Bulgaria 1989 and Israel 1991

Distinctions & Recognitions

  • In 1982, when he retired, FIBA named him Honorary Referee
  • Golden Whistle of FIBA in 1982
  • Honorary President of the Cypriot Association of Basketball Referees since 1989
  • Honorary President of the Greek Association of Basketball Referees since 2009