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Decio Scuri (Italy)
Born on March 18, 1905, in Naples, Italy.
Passed away on April 22, 1980, at the age of 75.

Enshrined as a contributor in the FIBA Hall of Fame on March 01, 2007.


  • He was a prestigious otorhinolaryngologist
  • Player and amateur referee
  • Head coach of the Italian National Team: participated in the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games and in the 1939 European Championship in Kaunas
  • President of the Italian Basketball Federation: in 1945 and from 1954 to 1965
  • President of FIBA’s Technical Commission: from 1948 to 1972
  • Member of the FIBA Central Board

Distinctions & Recognitions

  • Stella d’Oro al Merito Sportivo (Gold star to the Sports’ Merit) in 1967, awarded by the Italian Olympic Committee