Fast Track

Positioning 3x3 National Teams to make them strong favorites for medals in future Olympic Games


- Offering support in developing a long-term performance plan
- Preparing the 16-23 old players to became Olympians
- Raising competitiveness of 3x3 national team 

FIBA officially launched 3x3 as second basketball discipline in 2010. More than 150 national federations have competed in 3x3 World Championships, 3x3 Zone Championships or multi-sport games; the success of worldwide makes FIBA optimistic regarding inclusion in Olympic Games as of 2020.

A recipe for success is players’ specialisation in 3x3. In order to help national federations prepare a competitive team to qualify and successfully participate in future Olympics Games, FIBA is launching 3x3 Fast Track: a long-term programme dedicated to identify, coach and develop the future 3x3 Olympians.

Fast Track is open to all national federations. Success is possible for all in 3x3.


3x3 Fast Track (One pager)

3x3 Fast Track (Overview)

3x3 Fast Track (Long-Form)