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Patrick Baumann Playground inaugurated

MIES - Saturday saw the inauguration of the Patrick Baumann Playground, a 3x3 basketball court set up at the sports center in Mies, Switzerland, close to the FIBA World Headquarters in honor of the late FIBA Secretary General.

The court was funded by FIBA's foundation, the International Basketball Foundation in cooperation with the city of Mies.

The Mies authorities headed by its mayor Pierre-Alain Schmidt and many villagers gathered for the inauguration of the 3x3 basketball court and an adjacent skate park.

IBF Director Florian Wanninger as well as FIBA staff were present at the ceremony.

"It was Patrick’s dream to make 3x3 a new Olympic discipline and he achieved it by getting it on the program of the next Olympics in Tokyo," said Mr. Wanninger. “It is sad that he cannot be with us at the Olympic premiere, but the slogan ‘From the Streets to the Olympics’ which is written on this court lives on and will hopefully inspire a lot of kids to strive for glory.”

The Baumann family was present and Patrick Baumann's son, Paul, was the first to take to the court by playing in a demonstration tournament.

The court is open to all at Route de Veytay in Mies and an invitation to celebrate basketball.