International Basketball Foundation

The International Basketball Foundation (IBF) was founded in 2008 by FIBA, the International Basketball Federation.

The Foundation is the social, educational and legacy arm of FIBA that addresses the role of sports and particularly basketball in society, preserving and promoting basketball’s values and its cultural heritage.

Its main areas of activities are educational programmes for administrators, the management of FIBA’s archives, the establishment, housing and promotion of basketball's history and memorabilia as well as the FIBA Hall of Fame. It also owns and manages the House of Basketball, FIBA’s worldwide headquarters.

The Foundation is active in fundraising and attracting and establishing a pool of donators.


  • Promoting, organising, managing, supporting and developing all sporting, cultural, educational and social activities for the benefit of basketball in cooperation with FIBA;
  • Supporting social and humanitarian development programmes through basketball;
  • Making available to institutions or organizations active in the field of basketball any infrastructure liable to assist them in their activities;
  • Providing assistance for these activities;
  • Securing the resources necessary to achieve these aims.


  • We care and make a difference through Social Responsibility projects;
  • We cooperate with partners for CSR projects, such as NGOs, other foundations and governements;
  • We are active in fundraising to support CSR projects;
  • We manage the ‘House of Basketball’ FIBA’s worldwide headquarters;
  • We preserve and promote the cultural heritage of our sport and house the Hall of Fame in our building;
  • We provide education to our administrators and experts through the FIBA Academy;
  • We set standards for basketball equipment and facilities in cooperation with the partners of the FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre;
  • Other activities deemed appropriate to the objectives of the Foundation.

The objective of the Foundation shall, at all times, be purely of public interest and it does not seek to generate profits. The IBF conducts its activities in Switzerland and the rest of the world in cooperation with the National Federations and zones of FIBA.


Sheikh Saud Ali Al-Thani - International Basketball Foundation President

We have a lot of opportunities to assist our membership with "Basketball For Good" projects, especially in deprived areas around the world. We can give hope and aspiration to youngsters with the help of our beautiful sport. - Sheikh Saud Ali Al-Thani

As Foundation, we have to take on FIBA’s social, humanitarian and educative responsibilities and have to preserve the cultural heritage of our sport. And we have to find the resources to make this happen. Basketball offers a great vehicle for change. - Yvan Mainini, Former IBF President

FIBA’s main goal is to promote and improve the game. IBF will moreover deal with the intangible assets of the institution and contribute to a better world in improving quality of life and well-being.                                                                  - Patrick Baumann, former FIBA Secretary General  & IOC Member

FIBA has much wider responsibilities than organising and promoting high level competitions. Preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of our sport are at the heart of the IBF’s  duties. - Bob Elphinston, Former IBF President