3x3 Official

Each National Member Federation has the right to choose the candidates for the title of FIBA 3x3 Referee from amongst its best national referees. A National Member Federation may have an unlimited number of FIBA 3x3 Referees.

In order to obtain the title of FIBA 3x3 Referee, the candidates must:

  1. Be proposed officially by their Federation
  2. Participate in a Clinic for FIBA 3x3 Referee Candidates
  3. Pass theoretical (3x3 rules) and practical (officiating the game) tests;
  4. Pass the English Language test

Only the official tests and examinations established by the FIBA 3x3 Development Department are valid.

Clinics shall be organised by the FIBA 3x3 Development Department.

Referees can combine being FIBA and FIBA 3x3 referees.

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