Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

In the fight against doping, the anti-doping control system has a critically important role to play. These controls not only occur during competition but, in order to combat doping effectively and preventatively, also take place out-of-competition.

While any player may be randomly tested, FIBA –according to procedures outlined by WADA– largely focuses its testing on players taking part or susceptible to taking part in top-level international competition.

In accordance with WADA’s International Standards for Testing & Investigation, FIBA maintains lists of such players, which are referred to as FIBA Registered Testing Pool (RTP) and defined as follows:

"The pool of highest-priority Athletes established separately at the international level by FIBA and at the national level by National Anti-Doping Organizations, who are subject to focused In-Competition and Out-of-Competition Testing as part of FIBA's or National Anti-Doping Organization's test distribution plan and therefore are required to provide whereabouts information as provided in Article 5.6 of the Code and the International Standard for Testing and Investigations.” WADA International Standard for Testing and Investigations (2015)

FIBA Registered Testing Pool

FIBA currently maintains a Registered Testing Pool which consists of the following players:

  • Players National Team
    STARLING Brittany Cameroon
    PAIXAO Taina Brazil
    VYORALOVA Tereza Czech Rep.
    IAGUPOVA Alina Ukraine
    MICHEL Sarah France
    GORINI Maddalena  Italy
    KANG Ajeong South Korea
    KIRILLOVA Elena Russia
    VIERU Natalia Russia
    CRUZ Anna Spain
    URAL Esra Turkey
    VEREMEENKO Anastasiya Belarus
  • Players National Team
    KOPONEN Petteri Finland
    HANGA Adam Hungary
    CALATHES Nick Greece
    SEGEV Itay Israel
    MBODJ Cheikh Senegal
    LIMA Augusto Brazil
    NICOARA Titus Romania
    KOLYUSHKIN Maxim Russia
    VORONTSEVICH Andrey Russia
    SIPAHI Kenan Turkey
    PONITKA Mateusz Poland

FIBA Testing Pools

In addition to the individual RTP FIBA has established three Testing Pools including teams.

Please refer to the below schema which summarizes FIBA’s testing Pool structure: