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FIBA Oceania holds second Board meeting online

File Photo: FIBA Oceania Board Members 

GOLD COAST (Australia) - The FIBA Oceania Board held their second meeting online to discuss the mid-year activities and reports of the Zone in anticipation of the second half of 2020.

The Board meeting was attended by FIBA Oceania President Burton Shipley, FIBA Executive Director, David Crocker, FIBA Oceania Vice President David Reid, FIBA Central Board Member Karo Lelai, and FIBA Oceania Board Members Greg Williamson, Frank Cruz, Jubilee Kuartei, Thierry Durand and with Hans Tuahivaatetonohiti who was officially welcomed to the Board.

Shipley praised the effort of the region despite the challenges faced in the first half of 2020.

"The Board of FIBA Oceania acknowledges the character and perseverance of our National Federation members in these trying times. I am proud to share that despite the challenges we faced so far this year, the region has adapted well and excelled in some areas with our resilience and determination to develop the game in the region. We are still on target attaining our goals while changing some methods to achieve our targets by the end of the year. I am thoroughly impressed by the efforts of everybody involved, particularly our staff and look forward to finishing the year strong.”

The Zone Board also discussed the 2020 Plan and Budget, 2021 Planning and Budget process, update on FIBA Oceania Competitions, and the FIBA Women's World Cup 2022 to be held in Australia.

The bidding rights for the FIBA Melanesian Cup and FIBA Polynesian Cup are also being finalized with details of the competition hosts confirmed soon.