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Jorge Canavesi (Argentina)
Born on August Sunday, 1920, in Barracas, Argentina.

Enshrined as a coach in the FIBA Hall of Fame on August Saturday, 2016.


  • Coach of Catamarca (1970)
  • Coach of Club Estudiantes de La Plata
  • Coach of Club Gimnasia Esgrima de Buenos Aires
  • Coach of Club San Fernando

Club Highlights

  • Participation at the Olympic Games in London (1948)
  • Silver medalist at the Panamerican Games in Buenos Aires (1951)
  • 4th place at the Olympic Games in Helsinki (1952)
  • World Champion at the University Games in Dortmund (1953)
  • Junior South-American champion in Cúcuta (1955)
  • Argentinean champion with Catamarca Team (1970)
  • 5th place at the Panamerican Games in Cali (1971)
  • 3rd place at the Pre-Olympic Basketball Tournament Games in Puerto Rico (1980)

National Team

National Coach of Paraguay (1947)
National Coach of Argentina (1948-1956, 1971-1980)
World Championship gold medalist in Buenos Aires (1950)

Individual Highlights

As a coach:

  • Founded and created the Sports Institute of the Republic of Argentina in Buenos Aires (1961)
  • National Inspector of Physical Education of the Patagonia Region (1964-1968)
  • National Director of Physical Education, Sports and leisure of the Education Ministry of the Nation (1989-1992)

As a player:

  • Parque Chacabuco
  • National champion with Club Gimnasia y Esgrima de Villa del Parque (1945)