13 Alexandre Dam Sarr (FRA), 3 Mohamed Diakite (FRA), 2 Wilson Jacques (FRA), 0 Zaccharie Risacher (FRA)
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Successful FIBA Youth European Challengers 2021 conclude

MUNICH (Germany) - The FIBA Youth European Challengers 2021 have been successfully completed after 29 different tournaments took place over six weeks of action.

Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, a total of 38 National Federations competed this summer as the Challengers took place in 20 different cities across Europe with three different age-group events for both men and women.

The recently concluded FIBA U16 European Challengers and FIBA U16 Women’s European Challengers also determined qualification spots for next year’s global events with five places alongside the tournament hosts.

France, Germany, Russia, Slovenia and Spain all qualified to the FIBA U17 Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022 to join hosts Hungary. Meanwhile France, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia and Slovenia booked their spots at the FIBA U17 Basketball World Cup 2022 alongside hosts Spain.

The Challengers provided the opportunity for the next generation of stars to showcase their talents on the international level having missed out on the chance to represent their countries in the summer of 2020.

Teams had been split into groups based on their ranking - the top 18 sides split into three groups of six - with promotion and relegation frozen as participation in the Challengers was on a voluntary basis.

The revised format was approved by the FIBA Europe Board with the main priority of ensuring the health and safety of all participants and allowing teams the chance to play competitively. 

France were the most successful nation with five Challenger titles across all age groups and genders with Slovenia winning four different Challengers, while Hungary collected three titles and Kosovo, Serbia and Spain all won two apiece.

Here is the full list of winners from each tournament this summer:

FIBA U20 Women’s European Challengers

Italy (Sofia)
Hungary (Sopron)
France (Konya)
Greece (Yerevan)
Slovakia (Skopje)

FIBA U20 European Challengers

Czech Republic (Brno)
France (Tbilisi)
Slovenia (Heraklion)
Hungary (Sopron)

FIBA U18 Women’s European Challengers

Portugal (Riga)
Serbia (Klatovy)
France (Heraklion)
Slovenia (Sofia)
Cyprus (Andorra la Vella)

FIBA U18 European Challengers

Spain (Skopje)
Israel (Tel Aviv)
Slovenia (Konya)
Hungary (Levice)
Kosovo (Tirana)

FIBA U16 Women’s European Challengers

France (Helsinki)
Spain (San Fernando)
Slovenia (Matosinhos)
Slovakia (Piestany)
North Macedonia (Tbilisi)

FIBA U16 European Challengers

France (Skopje)
Poland (Sofia)
Serbia (Novi Sad)
Hungary (Sofia)
Kosovo (Pristina)