Women in Basketball
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FIBA Portrayal Guidelines to deliver gender equal and inclusive representation in basketball

MIES (Switzerland) - FIBA is proud to publish new Portrayal Guidelines, which will play a powerful role in helping to ensure gender-equal and inclusive representation in the sport across the globe.

As one of the most popular sports on the planet, basketball provides a strong and visible platform for promoting and delivering these important outcomes.

Sports coverage is hugely influential in shaping norms and stereotypes of girls, women, boys and men, meaning FIBA bears a considerable responsibility to fully ensure that both genders are represented fairly and equally.

As leaders and communicators within the sports movement, FIBA can set the tone as to how women and girls in sports and players globally can and should be depicted, described, talked about, represented, and portrayed across all forms of media and communication channels.

Diverse and empowering portrayals of players, coaches, officials and everyone who makes up the FIBA Family will have a positive impact on the sport and particularly participation rates in basketball coaching and leadership. 

With FIBA speaking in a single gender-neutral voice, we have the opportunity to grow and tap into new audiences, therefore generating increased levels of interest and engagement, especially in respect of the younger generation.

The new Portrayal Guidelines clearly outline the appropriate terminology and language that must be utilized, how balanced portrayal practices can be achieved within the context of all media output, as well as a raft of helpful general principles.

The FIBA Portrayal Guidelines can be downloaded here.  

The release of the guidelines also comes alongside the launch of the new FIBA Women in Basketball LinkedIn group. Women across the globe who are involved in basketball and would like to collaborate and network with each other are welcome to join and can do so using this link.