30 August, 2014
14 September
Reggie Moore (ANG)
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Moore respect for never-say-die Angolans

GRAN CANARIA (FIBA Basketball World Cup) - Things had been going swimmingly for Angola in their opening game at the FIBA Basketball World Cup, but Korea were hell-bent on spoiling the party.

After trailing by 22 points in the first half, the lightning-quick Koreans had closed within four and the African champs needed a hero.

When they sent up the Bat Signal it was Reggie Moore who answered, knocking down consecutive contested triples to knock the wind out of their challengers' sails.

"That's what my role is on the team, when the team is not comfortable offensively the coach (Paulo Macedo) looks to me to try and get it going," said Moore.

"If I miss them they're bad shots, I probably come out of the game, but if I make them he's alright with that. When he needs me I'm there."

While coming into a settled and experienced line-up - who have won seven of the past eight Afrobaskets - and assuming such an important role might appear difficult, Moore says that's far from the reality.

"It was easy for me because I knew they had their pieces in place and I know I could I could just step in and fill whatever was needed," he said.

"It was also easy for me because I've played (in Angola) for almost seven years, they're comfortable with me, so it's been easy for both parties."

Moore was at it again on Sunday against Lithuania, hitting a buzzer-beating triple and making a tough three-point play to propel the Angolans to a 31-27 advantage in the second term.

Once the EuroBasket 2013 runners-up had blown the game out to 14 points at the last break, Moore scored the next five points to bring his team back into the game.

Ultimately the Lithuanians prevailed by 13 points, but Angola won plenty of admiration with their determined performance, something Moore says is a high priority for his team at Spain 2014.

"We came in with the mindset that we want to get past the first round, but we also want to show the world that hey, we're the African champions, we're not going to lay down to the big teams," he said.

"We're going to fight and we're going to play our game and they're going to respect us at the end of the round."