30 August, 2014
14 September


Barcelona is an international capital of sport, a cosmopolitan, Mediterranean city, open to the sea. It has played host to the world's most important events since the 1992 Olympic Games, thanks to a social and associations networks commited to sporst and a great capacity for organising events. The catalan capital is a reference point for tourism, thanks to its physical features and its traditional capacity for welcoming people. This has made it one of the most attractive cities in the world.

City info
  • Capital of Catalunya and of the Barcelona province
    Host city of the 1992 Olympic Games
    Population: 1.6 million (second biggest city in Spain)
    The 10th most populous urban area in the European Union

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  • Arena: Palau Sant Jordi
    Address: Passeig Olímpic, 5-7, 08038 Barcelona
    Capacity: 15,700 spectators
    Central Scoreboard
    One Video Screen
    VIP Zone
    Press Conference Room
    Multi-function Rooms
    Parking (5,000 spaces)