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Dario Saric (CRO)
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Saric plays Senegal game without six teeth

SEVILLA (FIBA Basketball World Cup) - Dario Saric was missing something in Croatia's Group B game against Senegal on Monday. No, it wasn't anything in his all-around game. It was his six front upper teeth.

Saric had the six implants knocked out while playing defense during Croatia's 90-85 victory over Argentina on Day 2 of Group B action. He reacted in time to catch five of them and kicked the sixth aside and handed the quintet of saved teeth to someone on the Croatian bench.

Instead of coming out of the game right away, Saric very visibly signalled to coach Jasmin Repesa that he needed to be subbed out. He attempted and missed a three-pointer on offense and played a possession on defense. The 20-year-old was then finally able to come out and have team medical staff look after his teeth.

According to the Croatia team's press spokeswoman, Saric telephoned with dentists in Sevilla on Sunday evening but could not have the teeth put back in on Monday morning if he wanted to play against Senegal.

So, Saric was due to visit a local dentist on Monday afternoon following the Senegal game to have the five saved teeth placed back into his mouth.

What about the sixth tooth?

"Nobody knows," said the spokeswoman.