25 August, 2023
10 September

Official Merchandise Collection

The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 will be the biggest edition ever and our official merchandise range will match that by upping the game.

For the first time ever, the passion for Basketball will be shared between three different countries - three times the feeling, three times the power. The main goal is to make everyone, everywhere, feel this super power that will be created in 2023, creating the greatest and loudest FIBA event ever.

FIBA developed six merchandise collections, inspired by the culture of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 host countries and the basketball culture. The collections were built to celebrate the national pride, the passion for the sport and style of the sport through dedicated collections while also providing fans with innovative, fresh and high-quality creative product designs that suits all diversities of our fans.

The Merchandise will include apparel, headwear, toys and games, plush, fan items, souvenirs, accessories, stationary, bags/luggage, and much more.

Merchandise Collections


“Keep it simple” was the motto for this collection. Its main element is the heart ripple effect, explored in three different colours (the official tournament palette) and in different positions and perspectives.


This collection also “keeps it simple” but with a much sober and premium approach. The main element is the trophy.


“Crew” stands for family. Wearing the Crew Collection is representing the people, the country and the passion for Basketball. It brings proximity with the fans and teams - a sense of belonging (wherever, whenever, even alone, one is never lonely). Crew collection presents a surprising look for each country, mixing their official colours with Basketball elements in an elegant, sophisticated, and stylish way.


“Banger” is a word used to describe something huge and awesome. This collection is inspired by the Hip-Hop/Basketball culture of the late 80’s, early 90’s, mixing the provocative attitude with graphic elements from that era.The Banger Collection has the attitude of those who reclaim, provoke and boost rivalry.

Pull up

“Pull up” is an invitation to come over. This sporty collection is challenging and provoking fans and players, men and women, to show up and do their best. It’s for those who don’t bow to the mainstream and seek differentiation - it has movement, energy and personality.


Basketball is cool, no matter where.
But every single culture has its sense of coolness - the “art of being cool”. Coolness can be represented by attitude, behaviour, appearance and style. And it’s generally admired. This sense of coolness was brought into pop culture. This collection is a celebration of each country’s coolness, their own ambassadors and power. Using slang/cool idiomatic expressions that could translate this “feel the power” vibe and adding some fresh flavours of the post-modern street art movements from each host country, this collection is both local, distinctive, original and... cool.

Philippine Coolection

“Puso” is the chosen word to represent the power of the Philippines’ passion for Basketball. It means “the heart of a champion”, the “fighting heart”, the “Filipino heart” . Like the other collections, this one mixes patterns and colours - from the national eagle and the colours of the national flag, mixed with urban vibes and Basketball details.

Japan Coolection

The Japanese word “dee-ji” is an intensifier used to add positive emphasis to something that is “really wonderful”, “truly great” or “genuinely important”. This collection mixes nature (the ocean) and urban Japanese culture (the Komainu lion dogs) with Basketball artistic forms as details.

Indonesia Coolection

“Tangguh” is the Indonesian word for “tough” and “strong”. It’s the perfect word to celebrate the power and uniqueness of Indonesia. In this collection, the exuberant urban colours and shapes are mixed with the well known vibrant nature of Indonesia islands, its urban culture and Basketball details.