22 - 30
September 2018


Tina is a lovely, colorful turtle shining in the limelight. Her name is the short form of Tinerfeña, which means coming from or living in Tenerife.

She is one of the many sea creatures - from hundreds of different species - that approach Tenerife from all corners of the planet throughout the year. During the summer months, they come up close to the islands and sometimes even come on land.

Tina loves the unique colors and great atmosphere that Tenerife has to offer and it's where she feels right at home.

This very special and affectionate turtle is a true original. She is entertaining and outgoing and has an incredible sounding secret: her true passion and what makes her return to Tenerife each year is a sport - basketball.

She is very happy that, this summer, a very special event is taking place and that she can take an active part in - the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2018.