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Schedule confirmed for the Group Phase of the DIRECTV Liga de las Americas 2019

SAN JUAN (DIRECTV Liga de las Americas 2019) – The International Basketball Federation in the Americas confirmed the itinerary and tip-off times of the DIRECTV Liga de las Americas 2019 Group Phase.

The cities of Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Valdivia and Ponce will host the Group Phase of the competition that will begin on January 18.

Full Schedule and tip-off times (Local Time of Host Cities) of the DIRECTV Liga de las Americas 2019 Group Phase:

Group A – Sao Paulo, BRA - Ginásio Antônio Prado Júnior
January 18
18:10 – Atenas (ARG) vs Malvin (URU)
20:30 – Paulistano (BRA) vs Titanes (COL)
January 19
18:10 – Titanes (COL) vs Atenas (ARG)
20:30 – Malvin (URU) vs Paulistano (BRA)
January 20
18:10 – Malvin (URU) vs Titanes (COL)
20:30 – Pauliostano (BRA) vs Atenas (ARG)

Group B – Mexico City, Mexico – Gimnasio Olimpico Juan de la Barrera
January 25
18:40 – Franca (BRA) vs Soles (MEX\)
21:00 – Capitanes (MEX) vs Real Esteli (NCA)
January 26
17:40 – Real Esteli (NCA) vs Franca (BRA)
20:00 – Soles (MEX) vs Capitanes (MEX)
January 27
17:10 – Soles (MEX) vs Real Esteli (NCA)
19:30 – Capitanes (MEX) vs Franca (BRA)

Group C – Valdivia, Chile – Coliseo Municipal de Valdivia
February 1
18:40 – San Lorenzo (ARG) vs Mogi das Cruzes (BRA)
21:00 – Las Animas (CHI) vs San Martin (ARG)
February 2
18:40 – San Martin (ARG) vs San Lorenzo (ARG)
21:00 – Mogi das Cruzes (BRA) vs Las Animas (CHI)
February 3
18:40 – Mogi das Cruzes (BRA) vs San Martin (ARG)
21:00 – Las Animas (CHI) vs San Lorenzo (ARG)

Group D – Ponce, Puerto Rico - Auditorio Juan "Pachín" Vicéns
February 8
18:10 – Capitanes de Arecibo (PUR) vs Guaros de Lara (VEN)
20:30 – Leones de Ponce (PUR) vs Universitarios (PAN)
February 9
18:10 – Universitarios (PAN) vs Capitanes de Arecibo (PUR)
20:30 – Guaros de Lara (VEN) vs Leones de Ponce (PUR)
February 10
17:10 – Guaros de Lara (VEN) vs Universitarios (PAN)
19:30 – Leones de Ponce (PUR) vs Capitanes de Arecibo (PUR)

In the Group Phase, the teams were divided into four (4) groups of four (4) teams each, that will play in round robin format for three (3) days. The best two (2) teams from each group will advance to the Semi-Final Phase.

In the Semi-Final Phase, the eight (8) teams will be divided into two (2) groups of four (4) to play in round robin format. The top two teams from each group will advance to the Final Four, where the champion of the competition will be determined.

San Lorenzo de Almagro of Argentina is the defending champion of the DIRECTV Liga de las Americas, after winning the continental league as host in Boedo, Argentina.