Shoot-Out Contest

Participants:  1 player from each men's and 1 player from each women's team.

Qualifiers: Days 1 to 4 - 19:50h (GMT+2)

Format: Each player attempts 10 shots (all worth one point) from the top of the arc, without time limit. The 2 men and 2 women who score the most points in the shortest amount of time advance to the final. In case of a tie (same points and time), the tied players shoot again.

New Zealand Marco Alexander 5
Andorra Oriol Fernandez 2
Russia Dmitrii Kriukov 4
South Korea Seung Jun Lee 4
Serbia Dejan Majstorovic 6
Egypt Mido Mohamed 4
USA Craig Moore 3
Indonesia Fandi Ramadhani 3
Netherlands Joey Schelvis 6
Puerto Rico Will Martinez 4
Ukraine Oleksandr Kobets
El Salvador Roberto Martinez
Qatar Tanguy Ngombo
Sri Lanka Sudesh Paiva
Poland Szymon Rduch
Romania Bogdan Sandu  1
France Angelo Tsagarakis
Slovenia Gasper Ovnik 
Philippines  Kiefer Ravena
Estonia  Mario Polusk
Ukraine Ganna Zaritska
Spain  Sandra Ygueravide
Turkmenistan Ayna Gokova
Venezuela Ivaney Marquez
France Sabrina Palie
Switzerland Caroline Turin 2
China Xue Xuan Qi  6
Japan Ryoko Yano 3
Netherlands Jacobine Klerx 
Australia Carley Mijovic 
Italy Marcela Filippi  3
Germany Mary Ann Mihalyi  3
Kyrgyzstan Marina Pechenikhina 4
Hungary Krisztine Sule  4
Czech Republic Mihaela Uhrova
Kazakhstan  Yulia Sayapina
Argentina Noelia Zinna
Andorra Jennifer Carmona 3
Bahrain Fatima Ali 0
Russia Tatiana Petrushina 7

Final: Day 5 - 17:00h (GMT+2)

Team Player Score Time
Netherlands Schelvis 8 9
Angelo Tsagarakis 10 7
Russia Petrushina 3 0
Czech Republic Uhrova 6 4

Format: The 4 players (2 men, 2 women) attempt 18 shots from four different locations: five from the right wing (45° angle from the baseline), five from the top of the arc (same location as qualification phase), five from the left wing (45° from the baseline) and three from the 3x3 logo. Shots from around the arc are worth 1 point, while shots from the 3x3 logo are worth 2 points. In case of a tie (same points and time), the tied players shoot again.

Medals: The player with the most points in the shortest amount of time time wins the gold medal, second strikes silver and third earns a bronze medal.