20 September, 2023
14 April, 2024
MVP Race: The final contenders list?
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MVP Race: Who is leading at the final checkpoint?

MUNICH (Germany) - In the last edition of an epic MVP race across the campaign, we check out which EuroLeague Women stars are looking like they're now going to be in the mix for the prestigious honor.

Taking into account the previous update last month and the games played since, there's been plenty of movement up in the Top 10, as well as a new entrants looking to make a last minute surge during the Quarter-Finals.

1. Emma Meesseman - Fenerbahce Alagoz Holding (+3) 


Average Stats: 24.1 EFF; 17.7 PPG; 6.1 RPG; 4.6 APG 

As predicted, last year's winner is pushing for consecutive MVP titles after turning up the heat in the second half of the season to inspire her team, who are also chasing back to back honors. Meesseman has done it all as usual, but impressively within the team context. It's what she does so brilliantly and there will be more to come in the Play-Offs.

2. Marina Mabrey - Cukurova Basketbol Mersin (+2) 

Average Stats: 18.1 EFF; 19.2 PPG; 5.1 RPG; 4.4APG 

It's a deserved rise of two places for Mabrey who has just been crowned the January MVP after providing the main thrust for Cukurova Basketbol Mersin to jump into the post-season. Their Quarter-Finals slot has been built around the work of the guard who most recently has walked in near triple-double territory on more than one occasion. 

3. Ezi Magbegor - ZVVZ USK Praha (-2) 


Average Stats: 18.6 EFF; 13.4 PPG; 8.4 RPG; 2.4 BPG  

The move down two spots for Magbegor is more a reflection of others pushing the needle in terms of their form, rather than much of a tail off in the Aussies contributions. She was the foundation for ZVVZ USK Praha winning Group B and at both ends of the floor she's been a real tower of strength for the Czechs - but especially defensively. 

4. Leonie Fiebich - Casademont Zaragoza (-1) 


Average Stats: 16.9 EFF; 12.7 PPG; 6.7 RPG; 2.4 APG 

What a season it has been for first-timers Casademont Zaragoza, with Fiebich continuing to be the centerpiece of their historic inaugural campaign. Leading them into the Quarter-Finals, the German national team standout has done it all and if you ask the 6,000 plus Zaragoza fans who should get MVP, there is only one name on their lips!

5. Kayla McBride - Fenerbahce Alagoz Holding (-)


Average Stats: 20.2 EFF; 16.5 PPG; 5.5 RPG; 4.7 APG 

The guard continues to be absolutely impressive and solid for Fenerbahce Alagoz Holding and the main backcourt contributor for the reigning champions. If they are to secure silverware for a second time in two seasons, then it is likely that McBride will have a big hand in this because of the scoring and creative talent she has shown again all year.

6. Kennedy Burke - Villeneuve d'Ascq LM (+1) 


Average Stats 17.1 EFF; 15.6 PPG; 6.0 RPG; 3.2 SPG; 2.5 APG

7. Elizabeth Williams - Cukurova Basketbol Mersin (+2) 

Average Stats: 19.5 EFF; 12.5 PPG; 8.0 RPG; 3.0 APG; 2.0 BLK

8. Arella Guirantes - Beretta Famila Schio (-)

Average Stats: 15.4 EFF; 15.7 PPG; 5.7 RPG; 2.5 APG 

9. Sika Kone - Perfumerias Avenida 🆕


Average Stats: 15.0 EFF; 12.9 PPG; 55% FG; 7.4 RPG; 

10. Kaila Charles - DVTK HUN-Therm 🆕


Average Stats: 12.0 EFF; 11.4 PPG; 8.1 RPG; 3.1 APG  

DISCLAIMER: The MVP Race, compiled by a panel of experts, is entirely subjective and is in no way a true, accurate ranking system. The ranking and all comments are purely those of the author(s) and do not reflect the view of FIBA.