20 September, 2023
14 April, 2024
MVP Race: Who is the new number one?
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MVP Race: Who is the new number one?

MUNICH (Germany) - In the penultimate edition of the MVP race, we take a look at which EuroLeague Women stars are looking like they're going to be in the final shake-up for the prestigious honor.

Taking into account the previous update and the games played since, there's been loads of movement up and down in the Top 10, as well as a couple of new entrants looking to make a strong push down the season stretch.

1. Ezi Magbegor - ZVVZ USK Praha (+3) 


Average Stats: 20.1 EFF; 14.3 PPG; 8.6 RPG; 2.5 BPG 

They have the best record in the competition and ZVVZ USK Praha are already in the Quarter-Finals, with much of that success down to the awesome contributions of their star center. Magbegor continues to post masterful and efficient displays, is still possibly going to record a season-double-double and leads the tournament in blocked shots.

2. Emma Meesseman - Fenerbahce Alagoz Holding (-1) 


Average Stats: 22.2 EFF; 17.4 PPG; 5.3 RPG; 4.9 APG 

Harsh? Maybe, but it hasn't been plain sailing for Fenerbahce Alagoz Holding of late. However, few people would be surprised if Meesseman came storming back and occupied the number one spot again. Last year's MVP is searching for back-to-back awards and that could be something she might yet deliver with a strong finish in these last games.

3. Leonie Fiebich - Casademont Zaragoza (-)


Average Stats: 17.8 EFF; 12.5 PPG; 7.5 RPG; 2.6 APG 

They might end up building a statue of Fiebich in Zaragoza at this rate if she continues to propel her team to dizzying new heights. The newcomers could be about to land in the Quarter-Finals in their first season and inevitably it has been the Germany star who has so often been the difference-maker. Could she be rewarded with MVP status?

4. Marina Mabrey - Cukurova Basketbol Mersin (+1) 


Average Stats: 17.1 EFF; 20.0 PPG; 5.3 RPG; 3.3 APG 

It's been a roller-coaster season full of changes for Cukurova Basketbol Mersin, but the one constant has been Mabrey. So impressive last year with Schio, she has continued her good work for her new team and it could be that she not only inspires Cukurova to another Final Four, but gets her hands on an individual award as well. 

5. Kayla McBride - Fenerbahce Alagoz Holding (-3) 


Average Stats: 20.5 EFF; 16.7 PPG; 5.6 RPG; 4.6 APG 

It's tough for the guard to swallow a drop of three places, but Fenerbahce and McBride herself have cooled off during these past weeks, losing two of the last three games. Meanwhile others in the race have also stepped up. But still occupying a top five spot, if she can re-discover that early season form and click through the gears again, being crowned MVP is certainly not out of the question.

6. Cecilia Zandalasini - Virtus Segafredo Bologna 🆕


Average Stats: 16.7 EFF; 14.9 PPG; 6.1 RPG; 4.2 APG 

7. Kennedy Burke - Villeneuve d'Ascq LM 🆕


Average Stats: 15.7 EFF; 14.5 PPG; 6.2 RPG; 3.2 SPG

8. Arella Guirantes - Beretta Famila Schio (+1) 


Average Stats: 14.7 EFF; 15.4 PPG; 5.2 RPG; 2.5 APG 

9. Elizabeth Williams - Cukurova Basketbol Mersin (+1) 


Average Stats: 19.8 EFF; 12.1 PPG; 8.3 RPG; 3.0 APG 

10. Brittney Sykes - KGHM BC Polkowice (-3) 


Average Stats: 16.7 EFF; 15.6 PPG; 7.0 RPG; 3.9 APG 

DISCLAIMER: The MVP Race, compiled by a panel of experts, is entirely subjective and is in no way a true, accurate ranking system. The ranking and all comments are purely those of the author(s) and do not reflect the view of FIBA.