20 September, 2023
14 April, 2024


The composition of the EuroLeague Women is determined by the Country and Club Rankings, with the champion of the previous campaign qualified automatically.

Any National Federation which is a member of FIBA Europe is entitled, in accordance with the Country Ranking and with the provisions set out below and according to the regulations valid for the respective national competitions, to enter a certain number of its clubs in the EuroLeague Women as per the table below.

  • Clubs from National Federations ranked 11+ must be National Champion and must have played in EuroCup Women in the season(s) before.
  • Unused spots would not be filled by the next best National Federation and club in question.
  • Should a club of the National Federation not use its right to the place in the EuroLeague Women, then FIBA Europe shall decide on the reallocation of such place.
  • One National Federation may not have more than three clubs in the EuroLeague Women.

Club Ranking

Each club that participates in the EuroLeague Women and EuroCup Women collects points based on performance. Points accumulated during the last three seasons will be taken into consideration in determining the ranking of each new season.

The club ranking will classify clubs that are participating in the EuroLeague Women and EuroCup Women and will be used to seed clubs for the draw.

Country Ranking

The points accumulated by the clubs of each country in the last three seasons constitute the Country Ranking, which is used to define the number of clubs each country is entitled to enter in the Regular Season and the Qualifiers.

The collection of points by clubs is as follows:

Each club will only receive the maximum number of points obtained during the season in question as per above.