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September 2022
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Tracker: Preparation games for FIBA EuroBasket 2022


MUNICH (Germany) - With FIBA EuroBasket 2022  fast approaching, the 24 participating nations are looking to fine-tune their play. 

Every contender will be playing in warm-up games leading up to the flagship tournament as well as to the fourth window of the FIBA Basketball World Cup Qualifiers, in which most of them are also taking part in late August. Below is a schedule to keep track of how each team will be performing in preparation games.

*This schedule is not comprehensive and dates/venues are subject to change . If you wish to attend any of these friendly games, please contact the respective national federation. 

Thursday, August 4: 
Venue Fixture Score
Klaipeda (LTU) Lithuania vs Estonia 84-70 
Celje (SLO) Slovenia vs Netherlands 83-76 
Tampere (FIN) Finland vs Belgium 71-75
Friday, August 5: 
Venue Fixture Score
Celje (SLO) Montenegro vs Netherlands 76-67 
Kecskemet (HUN) Hungary vs Georgia 89-88
Saturday, August 6: 
Venue Fixture Score
Celje (SLO) Slovenia vs Montenegro  70-52
Kecskemet (HUN) Hungary vs Georgia  78-75
 Tampere (FIN)  Finland vs Belgium  80-71
Sunday, August 7: 
Venue Fixture Score
Alytus (LTU) Lithuania vs Estonia 90-88 
Rouen (FRA) France vs Netherlands 89-65 
Monday, August 8: 
Venue Fixture Score
Tel Aviv (Israel)  Israel vs Auburn Tigers  95-86
Tuesday, August 9: 
Venue Fixture Score
Athens (GRE) Greece vs Spain  86-70
Wednesday, August 10: 
Venue Fixture Score
Kaunas (LTU) Lithuania vs Finland 76-61 
Hasselt (BEL) Belgium vs Germany 83-87
Thursday, August 11: 
Venue Fixture Score
Madrid (ESP) Spain vs Greece 87-80
Istanbul (TUR) Turkey vs Ukraine 96-70
Vilnius (LTU)  Lithuania vs Finland  87-52 
Friday, August 12: 
Venue Fixture Score
Bologna (ITA) Italy vs France 77-78 (OT) 
Istanbul (TUR) Turkey vs Slovenia 103-104 (OT) 
Istanbul (TUR) Poland vs Ukraine 60-88 
Pardubice (CZE)  Czech Republic vs Bulgaria 93-60 
Tartu (EST) Estonia vs Belgium 79-66 
Tbilisi (GEO)  Georgia vs Israel  96-104
Almere (NED) Netherlands vs Germany 66-68 
Kecskemet (HUN) Hungary vs Slovakia  72-67 
Saturday, August 13: 
Venue Fixture Score
Belgrade (SRB) Serbia vs Montenegro 82-73 
Istanbul (TUR) Slovenia vs Ukraine 86-82 
Prague (CZE)  Croatia vs Bulgaria 98-68 
Tartu (EST) Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Belgium 74-68 
Tbilisi (GEO)  Georgia vs Israel 68-81 
Sunday, August 14: 
Venue Fixture Score
Istanbul (TUR) Turkey vs Poland 94-78 
Pardubice (CZE)  Czech Republic vs Croatia 95-83 
Tartu (EST) Estonia vs Bosnia and Herzegovina 102-89 
Tuesday, August 16:
Venue Fixture Score
Montpellier (FRA) France vs Italy  100-68
Gran Canaria (ESP)  Spain vs Lithuania 77-82 
Bar (MNE) Montenegro vs North Macedonia 89-53 
Tel Aviv (ISR) Israel vs Romania 112-61 
Wednesday, August 17:
Venue Fixture Score
Ljubljana (SLO) Slovenia vs Serbia 97-92 (OT) 
Athens (GRE) Greece vs Poland  101-78
Athens (GRE)  Turkey vs Georgia  101-88
Thursday, August 18:
Venue Fixture Score
Vilnius (LTU) Lithuania vs Spain 78-76 
Athens (GRE) Greece vs Georgia 80-67 
Athens (GRE)  Turkey vs Poland 86-87
Montpellier (FRA) France vs Belgium 90-71 
Opatija (CRO) Croatia vs Hungary  84-64 
 Tel Aviv (ISR) Israel vs Romania 105-61 
Jyvaskyla (FIN) Finland vs Ukraine  97-94
Friday, August 19:
Venue Fixture Score
Hamburg (GER) Italy vs Serbia 86-90 
Hamburg (GER) Germany vs Czech Republic 101-90 
Athens (GRE) Greece vs Turkey 89-80 
Athens (GRE)  Georgia vs Poland 76-87 
Vilnius (LTU) Lithuania vs Netherlands 94-68 
Riga (LAT) Latvia vs Estonia  80-69 
Saturday, August 20:
Venue Fixture Score
Hamburg (GER) Italy vs Czech Republic 96-80 
Hamburg (GER) Serbia vs Germany 83-56 
Celje (SLO) Slovenia vs Croatia 94-88