22 September, 2022
01 October
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Most attended Women's World Cup ever

SYDNEY (Australia) - The FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022 in Sydney is confirmed to have the highest attendance ever in the history of the competition.

The confirmed number of attendance at the end of the Final and Third-Place Game is 145,519 accumulating the attendance from all games played at both the Sydney SuperDome and the Sydney Sports Centre throughout the duration of the competition.

"I think - I can only speak with one voice, but on behalf of both of David Reid, the chairman of the Local Organising Committee and myself - we’re extremely happy to have a sold out final day with the third-place game and the final to be attended by approximately 16,000 fans of women’s basketball," said Andreas Zagklis, FIBA Secretary General, in the Event Recap Press Conference ahead of the final games.

"My smile is due to us being able to achieve the maximum outcome I think that we could have in areas that we could have relevant to us," added a beaming David Reid. "Our job is to facilitate the tournament and I think in three key areas, we’ve achieved our intended outcomes with respect to the facilitation. We’ve facilitated unprecedented numbers of spectators and the potential for those people to enjoy quality competition at a quality venue."

"One of the most significant wake up calls I had in the early stages of this project was Lauren Jackson telling me that when we hosted the last Women’s World Cup here in Sydney in 1994, she was a spectator. She told me early in the project when we were bidding that she saw that level of competition when she was a young girl here and that motivated her significantly to be the fantastic player and the international name that she is. We’re hoping that many of our young female participants in the sport will see that player, will see that referee, will see those administrators involved in the game and many of them are volunteers as well."