22 September, 2022
01 October
Confident Carleton torching the nets for Canada
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Confident Carleton torching the nets for Canada

SYDNEY (Australia) - No one should be surprised that Bridget Carleton is doing well in her second FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup.

We saw her torch the nets with 28 points in the Women's World Cup Qualifying Tournament against Bosnia and Herzegovina. We've seen her play well in the Tokyo Olympics and Women's AmeriCup. She's been a star for Canada on all of the youth teams from the U19 to U18 to U17 to U16 teams.

"I'm doing everything I can to make that happen and be the best player I can for the country."


So when you saw her score 27 points on 7 three-pointers for an EFF rating of 33 against Mali in the last game of the Group Phase, it was more of a pleasure to see a rising star blossoming on the biggest stage than surprise.


"I love to see the confidence that everyone gets to see now from Bridget Carleton," said Canada's captain Natalie Achonwa. "She's always been explosive. She's always been a shooter and a scorer, but she's really embraced this moment and our need for her to fill that role. I'm glad to see that the world gets to see that as well who I've known that Bridget Carleton has been all this time."

Having confidence is the key and is something that Carleton herself says has been one of the main difference for her at a personal level between her two Women's World Cup appearances. And that's also something she's looking to pass on to her teammates with less experiences like these.

"Individually, [the differences have been] a lot," said Carleton. "I rode the bench in 2018 and learned a lot from it. I got to experience that and it was a great experience. I have some more confidence coming into this Women's World Cup, I have a bigger role in the team obviously so it's been fun. I've learned a lot from the vets that have come through team Canada, so I'm just trying to do the same for the younger ones this year."

The experiences Carleton has playing for Canada is plenty, as mentioned that she's played on all youth teams, two Women's AmeriCup team, one Olympic team, and, of course, two Women's World Cup teams. She's among one of the other young stars here in Sydney that have grown with FIBA and has been enjoying the ride and the opportunity to develop through it.

"Playing for my country, my number 1 dream"

"It's been huge playing for my country in FIBA competitions," said Carleton. "It has always been my number one dream, my number one goal to play at the highest level with Canada. Go to the Olympics, go to the World Cup. It's always been my number one focus listening to what the national team program wants of me and expects of me."

"I'm doing everything I can to make that happen and be the best player I can for the country. Playing for the country any chance you get is always a lot of fun, especially in a big tournament like this."

As for her biggest goal playing for Canada?

"Definitely getting on the podium! That's always a goal for us and I think that would be really special."