08 - 11
February 2024

Event Guide

  • Sopron, Hungary

    Facts about Sopron:

    - 23rd Hungarian city in term of population with 61,000 inhabitants.

    - Sopron is known as the "City of Faithfulness" because it has never been conquered. Sopron has been an important trading center for centuries; however, the city has always managed to defend itself, and it has never been conquered.

    - Twinning city with Udine (Italy), Pula (Croatia), Eisenstadt (Austria), and Kankaanpää (Finland).

    - Sopron, as the whole country of Hungary is a Hungarian spoken city.

    What to do in the city of Sopron? (Other than the Women Olympic Qualifier Tournament😉)

    1. Visit the Firewatch Tower. It’s a 60-meters-tall tower which offers you a magnificent view of Sopron and its countryside. The tower was built in the XIX century to protect the city from fires, and it is now a popular tourist attraction. 

    2. Visit the old town. It is home to many shops, restaurants, and cafes, it's a nice place to walk around and enjoy the moment.

    3. The Goat Church is a unique church that is known for its frescoes of goats. The church was built in the 14th century, and it is a popular tourist attraction. 

    4. The Storno House is a beautiful Baroque house that was built in the 18th century. The house is now a museum, and it is open to the public. 

    5. Sopron is in the heart of the Sopron Wine Region, which is known for its white wines. There are many wineries in the region that offer tours and tastings.

  • Novomatic Aréna Sopron

    Capacity: 2,500

    Aréna Sopron, officially known as the Novomatic Musical Aréna Sopron, is a multi-purpose indoor arena in Sopron, Hungary. It is the largest arena in Sopron and can accommodate up to 2,500 spectators for basketball games, concerts, and other events. The arena is home to the women's basketball team UNIQA Sopron, one of the top teams in the Hungarian championship. It also hosts a variety of concerts, exhibitions, and other events throughout the year.

    The arena opened in 1987 and underwent a major renovation in 2013. The renovation added a new roof, seating, and sound system, and also improved the overall accessibility of the arena.

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