20 September, 2023
14 April, 2024
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Vasic honored with inaugural EuroLeague Women Legacy Award

MERSIN (Türkiye) - Sonja Vasic was honored with the inaugural EuroLeague Women Legacy Award in recognition of her accomplishments on the court and all-around passion for the competition.

She was handed the honor by FIBA Europe President Jorge Garbajosa at the EuroLeague Women Awards ceremony at the Final Four in Mersin. 

Having previously described EuroLeague Women as her favorite competition when she hung up her games shoes to call time in a stellar career, there's no doubt as to the incredible legacy the popular Serbian has left. 

"First of all, I am really thankful, grateful and honored to be here with the best women's basketball teams and players in Europe," stated Vasic.

"It is a special feeling to receive this award and especially when there are so many other EuroLeague Women legends that deserve it.

"So many current players excite me and EuroLeague Women is so diverse, with the league bringing in talents from all over the world. We have so many stars and there are so many faces to the league. It means young girls have the opportunity to be inspired by so many talents."

She added: "The league has come so far and I feel like we have people around now who truly understand the product and can promote it and grow it. I really think that even better things are yet to come and EuroLeague Women will go even further and further."

Stepping out at a staggering 12 editions of the Final Four, the forward celebrated becoming a champion three times, winning with Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje in 2009 and 2010, and then again with ZVVZ USK Praha in 2015.

Vasic finished her EuroLeague Women career on 198 appearances and making the Top 20 of the all-time list for points scored with 2119 (#18) as well as pulling down 1057 rebounds (#9). She also handed out 402 assists (#33), 242 steals (#28) and 63 blocks (#43).

Meanwhile since her playing retirement, Vasic has made positive waves off the court, She is now a FIBA Central Board Member and also the Deputy Chair of the FIBA Players' Commission.