31 August, 2019
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What must the last five World Cup hopefuls do to claim remaining three tickets on offer?

MIES (Switzerland) - Three teams in the Americas and two teams in Europe head into Monday's final games of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Qualifiers doing battle for the last three tickets to China 2019 still available. 

On Sunday, seven teams clinched their places at the first-ever 32-team World Cup, meaning that 29 participants are known.

Here is a breakdown of what Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Uruguay have to do to clinch one of the 2 tickets still on offer in Americas, and what will determine who of Latvia or Montenegro claims the final berth available in Europe.


Puerto Rico qualify if:

  • they beat Uruguay OR
  • they lose to Uruguay, Dominican Republic lose in Group F AND Puerto Rico have a better overall point differential than Dominican Republic.

Uruguay qualify if:

  • they beat Puerto Rico.

Dominican Republic qualify if:

  • they beat Brazil OR
  • they lose to Brazil, BUT Puerto Rico beat Uruguay in Group E OR
  • they lose to Brazil, Uruguay beat Puerto Rico in Group E BUT Dominican Republic have a better overall point differential than Puerto Rico.
Potential candidates to qualify as best 4th-placed team
  1. Brazil (Qualified) 8-3 (+123)
  2. Dominican Republic 7-4 (+66)
  3. Puerto Rico 7-4 (+24)
  4. Uruguay 6-5 (-81)



Montenegro qualify if:

  • they beat Latvia OR
  • they lose by no more than 8 points.

Latvia qualify if:

  • they beat Montenegro by 9 points or more.