21 - 27
June 2022


We firmly believe that basketball is the greatest sport for young and old. Basketball - sport in general - can play an important role in the development and education of children, we all know that. That is why we want to get as many children as possible into playing basketball!

3x3 Lessons Bundle

Basketbal Vlaanderen has created a lessons bundle to support teachers with 3x3 tasters & 3x3 schools competitions.

Click HERE to download the lessons bundle.

3x3 Tasters

As part of the Crelan FIBA 3x3 World Cup, Basketbal Vlaanderen is organising various 3x3 taster sessions in Flanders between May and June. During these taster sessions, pupils can familiarise themselves with this very accessible form of basketball in a fun way, with the support of an experienced coach. The taster sessions are made to measure for those in the 2nd-3rd grades of primary school. Each taster session will last 1 period.

Unfortunately, registration for these is now closed.

3x3 Schools Competition

Did you know that the Crelan FIBA 3x3 Basketball World Cup will take place on the Groenplaats in Antwerp in June? Of course you did. But did you also know that you are in with a chance of playing a match on the official 3x3 World Cup court? The same court where all the best players of the world will compete for the gold medal, there you can crown yourself and your classmates best 3x3 team of the Antwerp schools. Take part in the 3x3 schools competition and show that you are the best!


  • Wednesday 4 May - Sports hall Plantin & Moretus Borgerhout
  • Wednesday 11 May - Sports hall Linkeroever Antwerp
  • Wednesday 18 May - Sports hall Rode Loop Merksem

Semi-final and final will take place on the court of the Groenplaats on Sunday 26th June.  


  • 13h00: Sports hall Plantin & Moretus Borgerhout & Sports hall Rode Loop Merksem
  • 13h30: Sports hall Linkeroever Antwerp

Start Matches

  • 13h30: Sports hall Plantin & Moretus Borgerhout & Sports hall Rode Loop Merksem
  • 14h00: Sports hall Linkeroever Antwerp

Target Group?

  • 1st grade boys and girls
  • 2nd grade boys and girls
  • 3rd grade boys and girls


  • Pupils play 3 against 3 on half a basketball court. There will be draws per category. Any school can only participate in 1 location.
  • Every school will provide someone who can help with the organisation (court monitor).
  • Participation is free.


  • Unfortunately, registration for the 3x3 Schools competition is now closed.