21 - 27
June 2022

Cities & municipalties

Upskilling: Teaching your own 3x3 basketball taster sessions

To help you set up your own 3x3 taster sessions, we offered a training by coach Christopher Pegg in sports hall 't Wit Zand in Melsele on Sunday 3th April. 

This training helped to get you started with teaching 3x3 basketball in an accessible way, both in and out of school and is focused on children with no or very little basketball experience.

Tip: the lessons bundle will allow you to set up your own 3x3 Basketball taster session or training in no time

3x3 Basketball Taster sessions in your city/municipality: Benefits of Being Outdoors

3x3 Basketball is one of the sports disciplines that is in the spotlight of ‘Buiten Beleef Je Meer’ this year. With this initiative, Sport Vlaanderen sends out a teacher to your city or town to teach the basics of 3x3 basketball to all those interested between 12 and 18.

Click HERE to find more information on the Sport Vlaanderen website.

Organising your own tournament

If you are not afraid of rolling up your sleeves, you could organise a 3x3 basketball tournament together with your local basketball club or youth group. You can find loads of tools, tips & tricks on the Basketbal Vlaanderen website.

Click HERE for more information.

Some cities/municipalities will receive support through Buiten Beleef je Meer to organise their own 3x3 tournament.

Creating a 3x3 court or upgrading your existing basketball courts

Obviously, there is no 3x3 Basketball without a court. But can you still play on the basketball courts in your city or town? Or are you thinking of creating a specific 3x3 court? The ‘Guidelines for outdoor courts’ of Basketbal Vlaanderen give you plenty of information and useful links.

If you still have questions, just send them to 3x3@basketball.vlaanderen.

Hoops App 

Get everybody into basketball! That is more or less the intention of the Hoops App of Basketbal Vlaanderen, set up specifically to give outdoor basketball in cities and municipalities a boost.

The app allows you to challenge your friends, enter scores, check out the statistics and rankings and so much more. Who will be crowned King (or Queen) of the Court?

Would you also like a Hoops basketball court in your city or town? Then you can contact  3x3@basketball.vlaanderen to make an information board custom made for your court.

Launch: May 2022

Group Purchase 3x3 Basketball

Naturally, you already know that you play 3x3 Basketball with a special basketball ball (size 6, weight 7). By now, you are completely sold on 3x3 Basketball, but you do not have any 3x3-basketball balls lying around in your ball lockers? Then you can now benefit from a group purchase via Basketbal Vlaanderen, and you can buy the Spalding TF33 at a reduced price.

More information? Click HERE