31 December, 2018

Competition Format

Challengers are international tournaments, played during two or three days, with prize money limited to 16 invitational teams. 

Challengers start with a qualifying draw, with 2 pools of 3 teams. One pool features 3 host wildcard teams. The other pool stars 3 teams who qualified by winning a satellite. The winners of each pool advance to the main draw.

The 12 remaining teams are split in 4 pools of 3 teams. Like it is the case in all Challengers events, the seeding is conducted automatically according to the 3x3 individual World ranking (of the three best players from each team). According to the FIBA 3x3 regulations, teams are seeded as follows:

All teams play every other in their respective pools. The best 2 in each pool qualify for the quarter-finals.

In case teams are tied in the pools, the tie-breakers are as follows:

1. Most wins (or win ratio in case of unequal number of games in inter-pool comparison);
2. Head-to-head confrontation (only taking win/loss into account);
3. Most points scored in average (without considering winning scores of forfeits).

If teams are still tied after those three steps, the one(s) with the highest seeding win(s) the tie-breaker.

After the pools, the teams play knock-out games all the way to the final.