09 - 17
July 2022



If you're looking for modernity, history, action, relaxation - Debrecen has it all.

From its famous Déri Museum, its Reformed Great Church, its Great Market and the University of Debrecen, Hungary's second largest city has landmark sites to visit or gaze upon, yet it also has plenty for those who are on the move, from families to partygoers. There are cafés, bars and places to dance. Hungary is famous for its spas, so the multi-generational Aquaticum Debrecen Spa Complex in the Great Forest (Nagyerdő) is well worth a visit.

There is also the Aquaticum Debrecen Open-air Spa that opened in 2020. It's one of the most special open-air spas in Hungary and Central Europe which has, among its attractions, a wave pool, and a breath-taking panorama of the great forest from the terrace. Children will like the Agóra Science Experience Centre.

There are many other places to visit, like UNESCO World Heritage Sites near Debrecen: the Tokaj Wine Region and the caves of the Aggtelek Karst.