08 - 16
August 2014


The crowning jewel of the Middle East, Dubai is the place where two worlds meet. A plethora of man-made marvels in harmony with natural scenic beauty which few places on earth can match.

Dubai is a miniature urban globe, housing only the best of the world, all shrunk into the desert retreat called Dubai. Opulence and extravagance are the second name of this Oil rich emirate. Being the largest Gold traders of the Gulf region, Dubai is rightly called as the City of Gold.

Tourism in Dubai is simply dazzling and extraordinary. From spectacular beaches, to opulent hotels and resorts, the city boasts a veritable myriad of tourist hot spots and events. Despite constantly looking to the future, this city remains very much rooted in the past. It's this dynamic that not only put Dubai on the tourist map but will also keep it there.

Dubai shares a love for the fantastical, with skylines that shine like beacons against barren desert backdrops. With its gorgeous cream-colored Persian Gulf shoreline, international culinary scene, and larger-than-life attractions, the city's still growing; plans are underway for something bigger and better. It's estimated that a quarter of the world's construction cranes can be found here. If that's any sign, even the sky may not be able to limit Dubai's growth.

For those who fancy shopping more than anything else, The Dubai Mall offers an amazing mix of world-class shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure attractions, all designed with an eye to revolutionize the concept of the shopping malls industry.


  • Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Sports Complex

    Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Sports Complex is a fully-integrated, ultra-modern aquatic, track and field stadium. Covering 24 hectares and boasting a seating capacity for 15,000 spectators, the complex can host 13 different sports, ranging from basketball and tennis to boxing and martial arts, swimming, diving contests and water polo, among many others.

    • 15,000 seats 
    • Built-in 24 hectares of space, with parking capacity of up to 10,000 vehicles
    • Caters to Royalty, VVIPs, VIPs, athletes and the media
    • State-of-the-art media centre can accommodate 200 media personnel
    • High tech Internet service with 4G and Wi-Fi supplies
    • As part of an environmentally conscious organisation, the arena uses solar panels to power all external lights and the internal heating
    • Has been hosting FINA international competitions since 2010

    Al Ahli and Al Shabab Arenas

    • 2,806 seats
    • Located in the heart of the city
    • 5 minutes drive from the Teams’ hotel
    • Has hosted the Dubai International Basketball Tournament for the past 24 years
    • Home of Al Ahli and Al Wasl basketball teams