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June 2023
  FIBA Women's EuroBasket Top 100 scorers: 100-81
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FIBA Women's EuroBasket Top 100 scorers: 100-81

MUNICH (Germany) - With 100 days to go in the countdown to the FIBA Women's EuroBasket 2023,  there's no better time to tip off a rundown of the top 100 scorers in competition history.

Divided into segments of 20 players each, this five-part series will be published every 20 days until we reach the coveted number one spot and leading all-time scorer. 

Ranks 100-81
Ranks 80-61
Ranks 60-41
Ranks 40-21

=100. Agnieszka BIBRZYCKA  Poland


Birth date: 21/1O/1982
Points: 341
Games played: 23
Participations: 4 (2001, 2003, 2005, 2009)

Affectionately known simply as 'Biba' by Polish fans and indeed supporters around the continent who loved her dynamic and clutch game at both national team level and in EuroLeague Women, the forward was immense. A big scoring talent and a leader, she might have made it five Final Round appearances, but missed the big event on home soil in 2011 while on maternity leave.

=100. Krystyna PABIANCZYK-LIKSZO  Poland


Birth date: 05/02/1940
Points: 341
Games played: 33
Participations: 5 (1960, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1968)
Medals: 🥉(1968)

Pabianczyk-Oglozinska was a go-to player for Poland and represented her country five times at the event during the 1960s. And, it was even more special during 1964 and 1966 when her sister Zdzisklawa Pabianczyk-Oglozinska was also in the line up. In 1968 she was part of the team that won a bronze medal - some 30 years after her country had won their first at the inaugural edition. 



Birth date: 09/09/1958
Points: 343
Games played: 31 
Participations: 4 (1968, 1972, 1974, 1976)
Medals: 🥈(1974, 1976), 🥉(1972)

With three medals in four editions of the competition, Jarosova played during what was a boom-time for Czechoslovakia - although there was never going to be much of a chance to pip the all conquering Soviet Union. She reached her peak at the FIBA Women's EuroBasket in 1974 when she poured in a massive 17 points per game, enough to make her the third highest scorer at the event.

98. Liliana RONCHETTI  Italy


Birth date: 15/09/1927
Points: 346
Games played: 33
Participations: 6 (1952, 1954, 1956, 1958, 1960, 1962)

A FIBA Hall of Fame member, there was something special about Ronchetti and her 26 year career and longevity is one clue about why this was - as well as her basketball talent. She was so revered that FIBA named the Ronchetti Cup after her. She retired at 45-years-old and sadly passed away only a year later. Of her 83 appearances for Italy, 33 were at the FIBA Women's EuroBasket.



Birth date: 28/05/1969
Points: 347
Games played: 24
Participations: 4 (1987, 1989, 1991, 1999)
Medals:🥇(1987, 1989, 1991) 🥉(1999)

A FIBA Hall of Fame member, the center was a formidable presence in the paint and won three medals with the Soviet Union and then eight years after her previous one, won the title again in her first tournament with Russia emblazoned on her jersey. Always physical, always breaking down her opponents under the basket, she was someone you could give the ball to on the block in crunch time.



Birth date: 18/08/1989
Points: 347
Games played: 33 
Participations: 4 (2013, 2015, 2017, 2019)
Medals: 🥇(2015, 2021), 🥉(2019)

An explosive scoring talent and big personality, Dabovic was the spark for one of the biggest upsets in Women's EuroBasket history when underdogs Serbia won a first title in 2015. The guard, whose sister Milica played alongside her in that team, made her impact down the tournament  stretch and it led to her being crowned MVP. She then went on to win a bronze in Belgrade in 2019 and also claimed her second title in 2021.

95. Emma MEESSEMAN  Belgium


Birth date: 13/05/1993
Points: 348
Games played: 18
Participations: 3 (2O17, 2019, 2021)
Medals: 🥉(2017, 2021)

The fact that the forward can make the top 100 despite competing at just three editions for Belgium shows just how stunning her performances and production have been. A standout leader, she took the Cats to a bronze medal in 2017 and then repeated the feat in 2021, with her All-Star Five spots underlining just what a colossus she is for her country.



Birth date: 02/07/1939
Points: 350
Games played: 35
Participations: 5 (1962, 1964, 1966, 1968, 1970)
Medals: 🥇(1962, 1964, 1966, 1968, 1970)

It was a picture perfect five from five gold medals for Kukanova-Bazaverich as she shone brightly during a chunk of the Soviet Union's even longer and amazing streak of titles. She was someone who started off modestly in an already stacked and dominant team, but grew in influence, eventually averaging more than 12 points per game on her last outing in 1970.

=94. Rocio JIMINEZ BANARES  Spain


Birth date: 02/01/1959
Points: 350
Games played: 28
Participations: 4 (1978, 1980, 1985, 1987)

The level of talent that the winger had is encapsulated by the fact that she made her debut for the senior Spanish team aged just 15-years-old and before she had even appeared for the junior sides. Eventually earning 127 caps for her country, she was able to score in so many different and creative ways. Still a teenager on her FIBA Women's EuroBasket debut, she dropped 15 points per game.

=92. Hana HORAKOVA Czech Republic


Birth date: 11/09/1979
Points: 351
Games played: 40
Participations: 5 (1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007)
Medals: 🥇(2005), 🥈(2003)

The FIBA Hall of Fame entrant is a Czech basketball legend and delivered their greatest moment when she was the inspiration behind them winning the 2005 title. It was their first since independence and also came having agonizingly missed out two years earlier when they had to settle for silver. Horakova made them tick with her super control and leadership as playmaker.



Birth date: 31/12/1927
Points: 351
Games played: 28
Participations: 4 (1950, 1954, 1956, 1958)
Medals: 🥇(1950, 1956) 🥈(1958)

A true trailblazer for the incredibly decorated Soviet Union, the guard pulled the strings in their historic first ever title during 1950 in Budapest. She then repeated the gold medal success in 1956 although she was part of another more unwanted piece of history during 1958 when the Soviet Union fell short for the first time since they joined the FIBA Women's EuroBasket scene.

=92. Cmiljka KALUSEVIC  SRB


Birth date: 09/04/1933
Points: 351
Games played: 37
Participations: 6 (1950, 1956, 1958, 1960, 1962, 1964)

The center showed remarkable resilience and longevity during a stunning national team career in terms of her all-around influence on and off the floor. Six participations may not have resulted in a medal but she was proudly a central pillar of Yugoslavia's first ever appearance at the event in 1950. 

=89. Isabelle YACOUBOU  France


Birth date:  21/04/1986
Points: 352
Games played: 46
Participations: 5 (2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015)
Medals: 🥇(2009), 🥈(2013, 2015) 🥉(2011)

A hugely popular figure with the fans and her teammates, the physical size of Yacoubou and her ability to be a destructive force under the basket made her one of the leading French players of her era. Strong, always standing up to the challenge and with some nice moves down low, she landed four medals, including a memorable gold in 2009 - still the last time her country topped the podium.



Birth date: 27/11/1982
Points: 352
Games played: 50
Participations: 6 (2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011)
Medals: 🥇(2003, 2007, 2011), 🥈(2001, 2005, 2009)

The forward was very much an unsung hero of the great Russian teams that enjoyed so much success in the competition. While many of her colleagues took the spotlight and picked up the accolades, Arteshina often quietly took care of business with her smarts and relentless hard work for the team. The absolute glue in a team full of stars, she was someone that helped it all come together.

87. Frida ELDEBRINK Sweden


Birth date: 04/01/1988
Points: 355
Games played: 25
Participations: 4 (2013, 2015, 2019, 2021)

A superb scorer and leader in the clutch moments for her country. Eldebrink has always been the primary source of points for Sweden across the last decade or so. On their return to the competition after a lengthy absence during 2013 in France, she was a driver behind them making a stunning run to the Quarter-Finals where they narrowly lost to the hosts in one of the All-Time great games.



Birth date: 23/05/1972
Points: 358
Games played: 27
Participations: 4 (1993. 1995. 1999, 2001)
Medals: 🥇(2001), 🥈(1993, 1999)

With a gold medal in 2001 on her last outing at the event, it was a rich reward for this FIBA Hall of Famer and French legend. The often unstoppable center scored 17 points in a classic Final against Russia to take her team not only to the top step of the podium but to what was a historic maiden title. The fact she led the team in both points and rebounds speaks volumes about her influence.

85. Jolanta VILUTYTE Lithuania


Birth date: 14/02/1969
Points: 359
Games played: 31
Participations: 4 (1995, 1997, 1999, 2001)
Medals: 🥇(1997)

The four appearances of the forward at the event is not really the story, like any Lithuanian women's player of that era, this was all about the sensational maiden title in 1997. One of three players who scored over 100 points at that edition to pave the way for gold, her 14 points and 7 rebounds against Slovakia on the big day was so typical of her rock solid reliability and prowess inside. 

=84. Razija MUJANOVIC  Bosnia and Herzegovina 


Birth date: 15/04/1967
Points: 360
Games played: 22
Participations: 4 (1985, 1987, 1991, 1997)
Medals: 🥈(1987, 1991)

The FIBA Hall of Fame member played with distinction for both Yugoslavia and then most proudly her home nation Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1997. All those points in a paltry 22 games shows what a brilliant player she was and most recently, Mujanovic experienced the joy of being her country's General Manager at the 2021 edition as they qualified for the first time in 24 years.



Birth date: 01/09/1983
Points: 360
Games played: 32
Participations: 4 (2011, 2013, 2015, 2017)

It's one of the FIBA Women's EuroBasket great fairytale stories that relative minnows and underdogs Montenegro made their first appearance in 2011 at the event and have since made a superb seven editions in a row. Known during her time on court by her maiden name Perovanovic, the center was outstanding on debut 12 years ago, when her nation made a stunning winning run as rookies.

82. Sofija PEKIC  SRB


Birth date: 15/02/1953
Points: 362
Games played: 28
Participations: 4 (1976, 1978, 1980, 1981)
Medals: 🥈(1978) 🥉(1980)

The all-around game of Pekic was what made her so effective and resulted in an army of admirers from those who saw her go to work with Yugoslavia. She did her best to end the dominance of the Soviet Union with some great performances.  As well as excelling at Final Round, the frontcourt star was also known for being unofficially recognized as the standout player of the 1980 Moscow Olympics.



Birth date: 14/08/1954
Points: 363
Games played: 44
Participations: 7 (1956, 1960, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1968, 1970)

Firmide-Racovita is in a relatively exclusive club of players who have played at seven editions of the FIBA Women's EuroBasket and the Romanian star came close to delivering what would have been a glorious first medal. Hosting the event in 1966, Romania made the top four of the competition but only just missed out on the podium - despite the leadership shown of their star player.

Next time, we take a look at positions 80-61 in the FIBA Women's EuroBasket Top 100 scorers list.