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Seychelles eager to increase basketball's popularity on the island
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Seychelles Basketball Federation eager to grow sport's popularity

VICTORIA - Jean Guy Alphonse, the new President of the Seychelles Basketball Federation (SBF), is aiming at strengthening the sport's outreach programmes on the island.

Following his election in February, Alphonse unveiled new measures in order to achieve the goals for his term office.

"We need to work hard to increase the level of the game in our country," he told FIBA.com. "That is the reason we have decided to set a new system of governance."

Things are changing in the basketball world and the SBF is making sure to embrace the new era. That is the reason why Alphonse thinks they have "to extend and bring together the community of Seychelles basketball to add values, accessibility to everyone, and act as a unity."

"We need to be more professional and instil respect, integrity, and a pro-active mindset," he pointed out.

The Seychelles have been absent from the continental tournaments for many years, and Alphonse - who has previously served as SBF's General Secretary - is working to build competitive national teams to qualify for future international tournaments.

"We will try our best to be more active in the activities of FIBA Africa's Zone 7. We will also introduce and develop 3x3 basketball competition at all levels and regions of the country."