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The growth of FIBA PLUS Fundamentals remains ongoing, offering continued support to the Pacific National Federations.

GOLD COAST (Australia) - The FIBA PLUS Fundamentals workshop, which is a crucial component of FIBA's current strategic priority to Empower National Federations, arrived in Gold Coast, Australia.

Aligned with the  FIBA Global Strategy, the FIBA Plus Fundamentals program supports empowering national federations through interactive seminars.

On May 7 and 8, the program ran multiple sessions of six key areas led by multiple speakers with the objective of providing the Federations with important tools to organize personalized programs in their regions.

FIBA Executive – Oceania, Amanda Jenkins welcomed the inclusion of FIBA Plus as an extension of the Zone Assembly. “FIBA Plus plays a pivotal role in our region with national federations eager to learn more about how they can grow and develop basketball with executive structure and future planning,” Jenkins said. “Basketball for Good is an integral program for our federations and FIBA Plus enables delegates to discuss and access resources to further support program development and sustainability.”

The program, which was attended by 12 National Federations, hosted an agenda focusing on the following areas: governance and operation, strategic planning, grassroots basketball, coaches and officials,  3x3 basketball, and income generation. Several speakers guided these give-and-take sessions.

During the weekend, the extensive schedule also explored the significance of 3x3 basketball, a fundamental pillar of FIBA, along with Olympic Solidarity and the impactful "Basketball For Good" initiatives led by the FIBA Foundation.

 “FIBA Plus is a great opportunity to provide our National Federations with access and support to further expand their capabilities within their respective countries,” said Program's facilitator Florian Pasquet. “We conduct this program around the world, and it has been a privilege to share and empower the national federations of Oceania with these resources.”

The two-day program also carried out an analysis of the current situation of the National Federations, their development, projects, goals and objectives at present and in the future, as well as the action plans for each of them to execute in their countries.

“The FIBA Plus workshop was super enjoyable,” said James Lee from the Northern Mariana Islands. “Being able to meet the National Federations in Oceania across the workshop and it was interesting to hear about the different challenges from the region.  I look forward to taking the learnings from FIBA Plus back to the Northern Marianas to further develop and sustain basketball growth on island.”

Samoa representative Sarah Lee Malaesilia added "I am so proud to be here, it was a great experience and I have learned a lot from these workshops.  It really helped me as a Samoa sports administrator and grew my knowledge. When I will go back home, I will share all that learning with my board members so we can further develop our structure."

FIBA PLUS has been successfully delivering tailor-made programs to National Federations since 2019. It is an umbrella of programs designed to assist National Federations in the development of basketball in their country by helping them implement a sustainable strategic focus and reach their full potential.