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Technology industry leaders join FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre's Approved Software program

MIES (Switzerland) - With the global demand for high-quality data in the sport of basketball higher than ever before, FIBA is pleased to welcome on board Second Spectrum, KINEXON and Sportzcast in powering innovation and development around the globe.

Launched in 2021, the FIBA Approved Software program aims to connect approved software to various stakeholders throughout the FIBA Family, including players, coaches, team managers, referees and officials, competition organizers and National Federations. As members of the FIBA Approved Software program, each of these companies offers unique software solutions to the basketball community.

FIBA Approved Software program connects approved software to various stakeholders 

Second Spectrum provides tracking solutions via advanced machine learning and computer vision to capture basketball metrics such as player speeds, distances and defensive impact.

KINEXON data solutions offer advanced performance analytics to uncover specific insights and has the ability to turn this data into trackable, tangible actions on and off the court.

And Sportzcast's data technology captures and distributes live scoreboard data in real time.

Bart Prinssen, Head of FIBA's Equipment & Venue Centre, said: "Through the FIBA Approved Software program, we are able to explore how technology can support the sport's growth. These technologies range from media solutions that can enhance distribution efficiency, as well as artificial intelligence-powered or sensor-based tracking solutions used for fan engagement and performance analysis.

"Across the globe, technology is fuelling the monetization and development potential of basketball leagues and competitions and we are proud to have a platform that is being used to amplify the awareness and adoption of software technology within the basketball community."

The FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre offers a global platform to find the highest level of quality, testing and innovation related to basketball equipment and software. Its partner's supply approved products that fulfill the strict requirements of high-level basketball competitions. For more information, click here.