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Sports Performance Specialist program held in Maldives with many excited participants

BEIRUT (Lebanon) - FIBA Regional Office - Asia organized a Sports Performance Specialist (SPS) program in Maldives from  16-17 September.

The Sports Performance Specialist Program (SPS) is the Regional Office's latest initiative that aims to empower local physical trainers in Asia and to promote strength and conditioning in the national teams and local clubs.

"After the completion of SPS level 1 certification, we have recognized the value of these trainings. It’s an important step for the Maldives, as we are working towards the future of basketball in this small nation," said Ahmed Adam, President of Maldives Basketball Association (MBA).

The objectives of the SPS program are to instruct coaches, athletes, and stakeholders regarding the strength and conditioning of the Basketball game; spread awareness through education to have better return on investments for basketball clubs and managements; have a pool of local candidates to hire qualified strength and conditioning coaches for planning and implementing programs across national teams and clubs; improve the athletic capabilities of the national teams and Clubs by building young generations with proper biomechanics/human movement; and decrease injury incidence among players.

"In these two days of the program, our coaches and trainers have recognized what is missing in our trainings of the athletes, added Adam.

"After completing the SPS level 1 certification this weekend, I can safely say that I have come away from it with a deeper understanding of the importance that strength and conditioning offers athletes looking to excel in their relevant sport," said Ahmed Raid Saleem, was participated in the training.

This is yet another SPS program organized by FIBA Regional Office - Asia, with the first ever program being hosted in Lebanon. Other programs were then hosted in Palestine and Qatar later on.

"It is impossible for me to overstate the significance of the sports performance training that SPS course provided for us," said Hawwa Ula Ismail, another participant in the competition.

"We gained a lot of knowledge regarding the safest ways to train athletes and the most effective ways to help them progress in all areas so that they can advance to the next level."

The Regional Office, through this program, is aiming to lay the foundation of physical training, through education, to elevate the standard of strength and conditioning coaches in basketball.